History Timeline 12/

  • Fidel Castro is Born

    Fidel Castro is Born
    Fidel Castro Ruz born in eastern Cuban hamlet of Biran, son of a well-off Spanish-born landowner. Fidel would not be seen in a young age to once become the ruler of cuba. He was a normal cuban boy in the eyes of everyone.
  • Start of World War II

    Start of World War II
    Germany and the Soviet Union attacked Poland and Britain, France, India, Australia and new Zealand declared war on Germany , the United States decided to remain neutral but did begin rearming for war , which helped end the great depression. The United States also hosted the Worlds Fair in New York early in the year. Also after speaking to the physicist Albert Einstein president Roosevelt initiated the Americas A-Bomb programme.
  • Yearly salary averages

    Yearly salary averages
    despite the war in Korea Americans considered themselves to be prospering with average worker earning $3,400 per year, a college teacher could expect to earn $5,100 per year . Three out of 5 families owned a car, 2 out of 3 families now had a telephone, 1 in 3 homes had a television. The average woman in America would be married by 20 years of age looking forward to raising a family but few continued with a career after children were born.
  • Fidel Castro Failed Attack

    Fidel Castro Failed Attack
    Castro leads armed uprising against military dictator Fulgencio Batista. Fidel was captured in failed attack on Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba. Later to be released from holding in two years.
  • Fidel Castro Released from Prison

    Fidel Castro Released from Prison
    After Castro was imprisoned for two years for a failed attack plotted by Castro. He stated "History will absolve me" at his trial, is given amnesty and leaves prison for Mexico. He woud leave the jail May 10th 1955.
  • Castro and Pals

    Castro and Pals
    Castro and 81 other would-be revolutionaries land in Cuba on the yacht "Granma.". Most are routed, but 12 survivors -- including Castro, his brother Raul Castro and Argentine Ernesto "Che" Guevara -- regroup in Sierra Maestra mountains where they launch a guerrilla war.
  • Fidel Castro "Supreme Comandante"

    Fidel Castro "Supreme Comandante"
    Castro enters Havana after triumphal journey across Cuba. As supreme "Comandante" of the armed forces, he begins the political, economic and social transformation of Cuba, launching agrarian reform and nationalizing most foreign and local businesses.
  • Fidel Castro Becomes Prime Minister

    Fidel Castro Becomes Prime Minister
    Fidel Castro sought to oust liberals and democrats, such as José Miró Cardona and Manuel Urrutia Lleó. In February professor José Miró Cardona had to resign because of Castro's attacks. Castro would later take over and become ruler of Cuba.
  • Missle Crisis

    Missle Crisis
    Missile Crisis. Presence of Soviet warheads in Cuba provokes standoff between Moscow and Washington. Many fear nuclear war, but Soviet Union decides to withdraw missiles after President John F. Kennedy imposes naval blockade.
  • Vietnam War Continued

    Vietnam War Continued
    the war in Vietnam continues to worsen as whatever the Americans do including major bombing of North Vietnam they continue to lose more men , at the same time the Anti-War movement grows and on November 13th 35,000 march on Washington as a protest against the war. There is also civil unrest with rioting, looting and arson in Los Angeles. This was also the first year mandated health warnings appeared on cigarette packets and smoking became a no no.
  • First Cellular Phone

    First Cellular Phone
    Following on from the oil crisis Japanese car Imports account for half the US import market. The first first ever Cellular Mobile Phone History of Mobile Phones
    is introduced in Illinois and Space Invaders appears in arcades Launching a Craze for Computer Video Games. Sweden is the first country in the world to recognize the effect of aerosol sprays on the Ozone Layer and bans the sale. The Serial killer David Berkowitz, "Son of Sam," is convicted of murder after terrorizing New York for 12 mon
  • Iraqi War

    Iraqi War
    Following the Iraq invasion Kuwait A United Nations Coalition Force including USA, Arab and European countries Bombs Iraq Forces in Kuwait and force Iraq Forces out of Kuwait and back to Iraq. After many years of Apartheid in South Africa a new constitution for multicultural society is formed. This is also the beginning of the Balkan Wars and Lech Walesa is elected as President of Poland.
  • Cuban Residents Flee from Cuba

    Cuban Residents Flee from Cuba
    More than 35,000 people leave Cuba in flimsy rafts and boats during summer crisis. Prompting a migration agreement with the United States to allow a minimum of 20,000 legal entry visas to Cubans annually. There was a very intense race to get to the unted states.
  • Anti-U.S Campaign

    Anti-U.S Campaign
    Elian Gonzalez custody saga. Castro launches mass anti-U.S. campaign for the return of six-year-old Cuban boy rescued at sea off U.S. coast after surviving a shipwreck that kills his mother. Elian eventually returns to Cuba.
  • 9/11 World Trade Center Attacks

    9/11 World Trade Center Attacks
    al-Qaeda Terrorists attack the United States using hijacked passenger aircraft to bring down the Twin Towers in New York and crashing an aircraft into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia leaving nearly 3,000 people dead. the attacks become known simply as 911 due to the date of the attack September 11th.
  • Fidel Castro Hands Over Power to Brother

    Fidel Castro Hands Over Power to Brother
    Castro forced to hand over the reins of power to his brother Raul. After undergoing emergency surgery to stop intestinal bleeding caused by undisclosed illness Castro sadly had to give up his power. After ruling for Nearly five decades.