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Fidel Castro

  • Birth

    Fidel Castro was born in 1926 in Cuba. He is the son of Angel Maria Castro and Lina Ruz Gonzalez. Castro has 6 siblings and 2 half siblings.
    (Gruns pgs. 542-544)
  • Period: to

    Fidel Castro's life

  • Fiel Castro studies law

    In 1945, Castro attended the school of Havana to study law. He was intreagued with the political at the University. This is important because this gave him knowledge about Politics which he eventually used as the Presient of Cuba.
    (Fidel Castro Studies law at Havana University)
  • Castro leads rebellion

    Fidel Castro begins rebellion against Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista. He and his followers attack Santaigo's Moncada army barracks. Fidel Castro is eventually captured and arrested in August. This is important becuase Castro and his followers try to take down Batista once and for all.
    (Gruns pgs. 542-544)
  • Fidel Castro is freed from jail

    After castro's trial he is free to leave. At the trial he states "History will absolve me" He eventualy is given amnesty. This is important because he doesn't have to spend 15 years in jail.
    (Fidel Castro-Major World Leaders)
  • Artificial Earth Satellite Launched

    In 1958, an artificial Earth Satellite was launched. It was launche dfrom Cape Canaveral, Florida. The goal of it was to measure Cosmic Radiation and Micrometeoroid.
    (Gruns pgs. 542-544)
  • Satellite Explorer Launched

    In 1958, a U.S. Satellite (Explorer 1) was launched from Cape Canaveral. The satellite was twice the size of a basketball and was the United States' first satellite in space. This was important because the U.S. was trying to become more superior than The Soviets in space.
    (Gruns pgs. 542-544)
    (Gruns pgs. 542-544)
  • Hawaii becomes U.S. State

    On this day Hawaii becomes a U.S. State. This is our 50th state. This is important for population.
    (Gruns pgs. 542-544)
  • Castro declares Cuba Socialist

    On this day, Fidel Castro declares Cuba to be Socialist. This new Government nationalized industry, created policies that benefited the poor, and other things. This is important because Cuba will now have a dfferent Government than they have had.
    (Fidel Castro- Major World Leaders)
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    In October 1962 there is a military standoff between the Soviets and the U.S. Cuba alllowed The Soviet Union to place Nuclear Missiles in Cuba. There was almost a full blown Nuclear War until the Soviets agreed to take them out of Cuba. This is important because there would have been a nuclear war.
    (Cuban Missile Crisis)
    (Cuban Missile Crisis)
  • Earthquake in Yugoslavia

    On this day. an earthquake occured in Skopje Yugoslavia. This earthquake killed about 1100 people, and injured about 3500 people. This is important because it left about 200,000 people homeless.
    (Gruns pgs. 542-544)
  • Castro founds new party and is named Secratory

    On this day, Fidel Castro founds the new Cuban Communist party. He also is named Secratory. This is important because his role in the Cuban Government is increasing.
    (Fidel Castro- Major World Leaders)
  • "Bloody Sunday"

    This occure in Northern Ireland. It was a protest by the NICRA against a british governement policy that ended up with 26 people shot and 13 deaths on this day. This is important because it was a civil rights movement that ended it.
    (Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland)
  • Miracle on ice

    On this day the United States' hockey team beat the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics. Prior to this game, The Soviet Union had wonthe Golod Medal in 6 of the last 7 Olympic Games. This is important because the United States were huge Underdogs but still they managed to defeat the Soviets.
    (Miracle on ice- American Hockey's defining moment)
  • Cuba in economic crisis

    After the downfall of the Sovet Union, Cuba was left in an economic crisis. Because of this, Cuba's Government was forced to reduce food rations and fuel. This is important because many people suffered because of this and they were in poverty.
    (Timeline: Key events in Fidel Castro's life)
  • Castro gets hurt

    On this day Castro samshes his left knee in a fall after a speech he made. He did this after a graduation ceremony. This is important because t was on live TV and he hurt himself.
    (Castro takes tumble, breaks knee and arm)
  • Castro retires

    Castro retires
    On this day Castro hands over the reins to his brother Raul. After having surgery, he didnt want to continue to serve becuse he thought he was physically unfit. This is important becuase their will now be a new president of Cuba.
    (Timeline: Key events in Fidel Castro's life)