Fidel Castro

By KyleS74
  • Fidel Castro is born

    Fidel Castro is born
    Fidel Castro was born on August 13 1926. He was born in Havana Cuba, his parents were Angel Maria Castro and Lina Ruz Gonzalez. He showed an interest in politics and government from a young age.(Cox 22-30) This event is significant because he would go on to become the leader of Cuba, and fix their government.
  • Failed attack on Batista

    Failed attack on Batista
    Fidel Castro lead an armed uprising against the military dictator Fulgencio Batista. The attack failed and he was capturedand put in a prison. When he was released it took no time for him to regroup and prepare for his next attack. He led these attacks to help free Cuba of a ruthless government and dictator and become leader.(Archer 86-88) This event is importnant because it was his first effort at overthrowing Batista. It also showed him what wouldn't work against the enemy.
  • Castro launches his guerilla style war

    Castro launches his guerilla style war
    When Castro and 81 other revolutionaries reached the Cuban coast on December 2,1953 they were preparing to launch an attack. At there canp site they were ambushed and they all fleed in different directions, Castro and 11 others went to the Sierra Mountains from there they regrouped and launched a guerilla style war on Batista. For Castro and his group this style worked very well since they were outnumbered.(Cox 87) This is important because it was the begining of Castro's dominance in Cuba.
  • Enters Havana, becomes president

    Enters Havana, becomes president
    Castro enters Havana in a tank in almost a parade like fashion. He then became president of Cuba. Then he began the economic, political, and social transformation of Cuba. He also nationalized many foreign and local buissnesses in an agrarian reform. (Cox 74) This event is important because it was when Castro first came to power in Cuba. It was also when he started to fix Cuba.
  • Becomes Prime Minister

    Becomes Prime Minister
    Fidel Castro is named Prime Minister of Cuba. This gives hime even more power. He nameed hiself prime minister because he knew the exact direction the country had to go in to be successful. Him being prime minister was successful because the country is in much better condition now.("The Powers of the Prime Minister") This event is important because it gave him absolute control over Cuba and allowed him to fix the country just how he had imagined it.
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    Fidel Castro directed the military as they beat the USA backed Cuban exiles in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. The attack was meant to destroy missle launching sites in Cuba. Although there were many mistakes on the US side of the battle Castro led a great fight directing his millitary to victory this gained him more support and more popularity in Cuba.(Wyden 26-28) This event is important because it was his first major millitary victory at a position of power.
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis takes place durind these two terrifying weeks. The threat of nuclear destruction was very high.This was caused by the Soviet Warheads presence in Cuba. A standoff was caused between Moscow and Washington DC. The Soviets withdrew their missles after a blockade was made by John F. Kennedy.("Cuban Missile Crisis") This sis important because Castro is very well known for his involvement in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • First Super bowl takes place

    First Super bowl takes place
    The first ever superbowl took place on this day. Vince Lombardi and the Packers took home the trophy that would later be named after him. The Packers beat the Cheifs. Bart Starr was the MVP. ("World History") This is an important event because it would go on to become the most watched show in america almost every year.
  • Armstrong on the moon

    Armstrong on the moon
    Neil Armstrong lands on the moon. This ends the space race between the soviets and america. This paved the way for even more discovery about our universe.("World History") This is important because it was the first time a human was in space
  • Apple begins

    Apple begins
    Apple is founded by Jobs, Wozniak, and Wayne. They atarted with the Apple 1 which was a desktop computer revolutionary to its time. The trio would go on to change technology forever("World Histroy") This is important because apple is the biggest tech company in the world.
  • Hole in Ozone found

    Hole in Ozone found
    A hole in the ozone layer is found. This is a contributing factor to the arctic melting and global warming. It was discovered by a group of scientists in Europe("World Histroy") This is important because global warming was discovered.
  • Berlin Wall Falls

    Berlin Wall Falls
    The Berlin Wall was knocked down on this day. This represented the end of communism in west Germany. It was a large step for an area that had been involved in so much.("World Histroy") This is important because it was the end of Communism in Germany and the east and west were now one.
  • Hubble telescope

    Hubble telescope
    NASA launched the Hubble telescope. The Hubble telescope has helped us find out many new and interesting facts about where we live. Th Hubble is still in orbit today. ("World History") This is important because it has helped us to discover things about our galaxy we would never have known before.
  • Elian Gonzalez Custody Battle

    Elian Gonzalez Custody Battle
    Fidel Castro leads a giant anti-USA campaign for the return of the boy.The custody battle was for a 6 year old boy whose family died trying to reach america. Castro eventually got the boy back after the US agreed to give him back for money and other items.("Fidel Castro Bio") This is important because it is a well known event where castro and the USA are in argument yet again.
  • Cubans March

    Cubans March
    Castro led a march of 1 million Cubans along the Havana waterfront. He did this to defend the socialist system because of US pressure and dissent. This was done to prove to the European Union that the Cubans system of governmet could work well("Fidel Castro Bio") This is an important event because fidel castro was able to rally this many people to support him
  • Steps down from power

    Steps down from power
    Fidel Castro stepped down from power. He gave his brother Raul power, in hope to keep what he had worked so hard for the same. He was 82 when he stepped down.("Fidel Castro Bio") This is important because it was when he relinquished all of his power.