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Cuba 1959-1962

By calin
  • Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro
    on January 1st of 1959 Fidel Castro seizes power through revolution.
  • Cuba's political alinement

    Cuba's political alinement
    on December the 19th 1960 Fidel Castro and Cuba openly aligns itself with the soviet union and its policies.
  • End Of Diplomatic Ties

    End Of Diplomatic Ties
    on the 3rd of January of 1961 the United sates ended all diplomatic ties with Cuba and Fidel Castro. later that month during the address JFK said that "The week that changed the world."
  • The Bay Of Pigs

    The Bay Of Pigs
    on April 17th 1961 about 1,400 Cuban exiles landed in the bay of pigs on the southern coast of Cuba armed with United States CIA training and military weapons in a failed attempt at a anti-Castro revolution which failed and the exiles were ether killed or taken prisoner.
  • Summit Talks

    Summit Talks
    On June 3rd and 4th of 1961 Nikita Khrushchev and John F Kennedy held summit talks in vienna to discuss what we now know as the Cuban missile crisis. Later on after the meetings Kennedy stated that the meetings were "the worst thing of my life"
  • Period: to

    A General Tension Period

    between the summit talks in 1961 and august of 1962 tension builded.
  • Senate Meeting

    Senate Meeting
    Senator tells the senate that there is evidence that suggests that there is soviet missile installations on Cuba.
  • The Soviet Warning

    The Soviet Warning
    on September 11th 1962 the soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko warned America that an attack or invasion on Cuba would be an attack on the Soviet Union.
  • Espionage

    On October 14th 1962 two spy plane flew over Cuba and took photos in those photos were pictures of a ballistic missile on a lunch pad. This confirmed the senates original fears. The joint chiefs of staff strongly urged JFK to send out an air strike (these meetings are known as EXCOMM's)
  • Soviet Reassurance

    Soviet Reassurance
    On October 18th the soviet foreign minister Gromyko assures JFK that the missiles that are being installed on Cuba are for defensive proposes only
  • Congressional leaders

    Congressional leaders
    On the 22nd of October congressional leaders are shown the photos of the missiles taken by the two spy planes on the 14th of October and the leaders are also shown the presidential address to the nation regarding the cuban missile crisis. Later on during the 22nd the United States military goes to DEFCON 3
  • The Letter

    The Letter
    on October 23rd the United states President JFK receives a letter from Nikita Khrushchev who was the premier of the Soviet Union at the time. In the letter it stated that there is a "serious threat to peace and security's of people" . While this is happening Robert Kennedy who was the U.S attorney General was meeting with the US soviet union Ambassador, Ambassador Dobrynin
  • Soviet Ships

    Soviet Ships
    On the 24th of October with Cargo ships from the soviet union on their way to Cuba america set up a quarantine of navy ships which would size any "offensive weapons" so this caused the Soviet ships which were en route to turn back all of the ships did this except for one. The U.S military also went to DEFCON 2
  • The Responsibility Of The Crisis

    The Responsibility Of The Crisis
    On the 25th of October JFK sent a letter to Nikita Khrushchev Placing the responsibility of the Missile crisis on the Soviet union
  • The Missiles

    The Missiles
    On the 26th of October In response to Kennedy's Letter Khrushchev responded by proposing that if Kennedy publicly states that america will not invadeCuba they will remove the missiles from Cuba in return..
  • Planes and Responses

    Planes and Responses
    On October 27th two U-2 planes were lost one through capture by Soviet planes and the other plane was shot down by Cubans killing the pilot Major Rudolf Anderson. Also This is the day that Kennedy agrees to publicly say that the U.S will not invade Cuba if Khrushchev takes the missiles of Cuba.
  • The End

    The End
    On October 28th 1962 Khrushchev over radio Moscow announces that he has agreed to remove missiles from Cuba in response to this america removes its missiles from Turkey marking the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis