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Chronology of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

  • Birth of Guevara

    Guevara born in Rosario, Argentina to middle-class parents Ernesto Guevara Lynch and Celia de le Serna. He was to be the eldest of five children and suffered from asthma.
  • The Family Moves

    The family move from Buenos Aires to Alta Gracia due to Ernesto's asthma. This condition as had prevented him from attending school regularly until he was nine years old.
  • Enrolment in University

    Ernesto enrols in the University of Buenos Aires in the medical school. This was altered from his initial plan to study engineering. During this time he held a variety of part-time jobs. This included working in an allergy treatment clinic.
  • First Motorcyle Trip

    Ernesto Guevara sets out on a solo 4500 kilometre trip to the north of Argnetina
  • Latin American Trip Plans

    Alberto and Ernesto plan to ride Alberto's motorcycle 'La Poderosa II' as a break from study.
  • Begin Trip

    Begin Trip
    The two men leave on the La Poderosa. they farewelled their families and went on their jounrey.
  • Completed Medical Studies

    During this year Ernesto completed medical studies at the medical school of Buenos Aires and becomes a qualified doctor
  • Third Motorcycle Trip

    After completing his studies, Guevara embarks on another jounrye around Latin America through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala. He meets a young Cuban revolutionary called Antiono Lopez.
  • Political View's Become Radicalised

    On his third motorcycle trip, Guevara's political views are radicallised when he witnesses the overthrowning of the Guetemalan government. He escaped to Mexico where he contacts a group of revolutionary Cuban exiles. Guevara also gets married to Peruvian lady by the name of Hilda Gadea. together they have a daughter called Hildita.
  • Meeting Fidel Castro

    After meeting Castro in 1955, Guevara agrees to join a group organising to wage war though guerilla tactics against the Batista dictatorship in Cuba. Guevara has now been given the nickname 'Che' which is common for Argentines.
  • Granna

    Guevara sails upon the yacht, Granna - he was serving as the troop's doctor.
  • Guevara becomes more militarised

    Guevara demonstrates astounding capabliities in the military and is awarded the rank of commander in this month.
  • Overthrow of the Batista Dictatorship

    During this month, Guevara leads the Rebel Army to a desicive victory over the Cuban dictatorship at Santa Clara which is located in Central Cuba
  • Cuban Citizenship

    Guevara earns Cuban citizenship as recognition of his work during the December rebellion. Guevara also remarries to Aleida March and together they have four children.
  • Appointment to head of the Industrial Department of the Institute of Agarian Reform

  • Appointed to President of the National Bank of Cuba

    As a point of disdain for money and capitialism, Guevara signs the new bank notes as 'Che'
  • Government Trip

    As a representative of the Cuban Government, Guevara travels to the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, China and North Korea
  • Famous Picture of Guevara taken by photographer Alberto Korda

    Famous Picture of Guevara taken by photographer Alberto Korda
  • Appointed as Head of Ministry of Industry

  • Organisation of American States (OAS)

    Guevara heads Cuba's delegation to the Organisation of American States (OAS) at Punta del Este, Uruguay. In this meeting, he denounces US President Kennedy's Alliance for Progress
  • Appointed to the position of National Directorate

    Guevara is appointed to the position of National Directorate as a fusion of Cuban revolutionary organisations take place. During this year he also makes a second trip to the Soviet Union
  • Trip to Algeria

    Guevara makes the trip to Algeria, a country in Africa which had recently gained independence from France under the leadership of Ahmed Ben Bella.
  • Addresses the UN General Assembly

    Addresses the UN General Assembly
    During this address he condemns US intervention in Cuban affairs as well as incursions into Cuban airspace
  • International Mission in Africa

    As the leader, Guevara travels to Congo in support of a liberation movement founded by Patrice Lumumba. During this time Fidel Castro reads Guevara's farewell letter to the newly formed Cuban Communist Party. During this time he also renounced his Cuban citizenship
  • Guevara returns to Cuba

    Upon his return, Guevara begins to prepare for a secret mission to Bolivia.
  • Guevara arrives in Bolivia in diguise

    It should be noted that Guevara's disguise was appearing beardless and bald
  • Message to the Tricontinental

    This message is published by Guevara in which he calls for the creation of 'two, three, many Vietnams'. In this same month, his guerilla group becomes seperated from the main detachment.
  • Ambush and capture

    The remaining seventeen guerilla fighters in Guevara's seperated group are ambushed and captured by Bolivian forces under the instructions from Washington.
  • Death

    Guevara is murdered by Bolivian forces after being told to by officials in Washington. His remains along with the other guerilla fighters are buried in an unmarked mass grave. Guevara was buried without his hands which were preserved so his fingerprints could be used to confirm his identity
  • Location of Guevara's Remains Found

    Guevara's and other guerilla fighters bodies are dixcovered in Bolivia and are returned to Cuba. They are then placed in a memorial at the Cuban city of Santa Clara on the 30th Anniversary of his death
  • Memorial Erected in Birthplace of Guevara

    Memorial Erected in Birthplace of Guevara
    This memorial was opened on what would have been Guevara's 80th birthday