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Fidel Castro's Life

  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Fidel Castro was born in Biran, Cubas eastern oriente province. Castro had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Castro lived in a wealthy family compared to the poverty in Cuba at the time. Castro's father angel owened a sugar plantation. When his father became divorced he became know under his fathers name and changed Ruz to Castro. Castro was educated in private boarding schools and was very intelligent. Castro would later on at the age of 17 go to the University of Havana.
  • Castro begins law school

    Castro begins law school
    Castro entered law school and immediately became interested in Cuban nationalism, ant imperialism, and socialism. The Unviersity however, was know for gangs and violence. Castro during his time at the univerity joined the activists and became a part of one of the know gangs there. Police suspected Castro of a murder trial but nothing was proven to state that Castro actually did the crime. Castro would later join an expedition.(
  • Castro joins expedition to overthrow Trujillo

    Castro joins expedition to overthrow Trujillo
    Castro becomes aware of an expedition in the Dominican Republic and leaves the University of Havana to join it. The expedition was to overthrow Rafael Trujillo, who was an U.S ally. He decides to gather with the other 1,200 troops to take down Trujillo but it fails. The expedition had failed before the invasion and Castro began to run into trouble. Castro would later escape and return back to the University of Havana. Castro would also become more into vioent politics. (
  • Period: to

    Korean War

    The Korean War was an unexpexted war that suprised the Americans. The war did not have alot of media attention until the TV show " M A S H" aired. The final episode was the most watched ever. The main objective of the war was to get the Soviet Union to get out of South Korea, but North Korea had joined in. The casualiies of the war were brutal and unecessary. There were 5 million peopel killed and 10% of them were Korean.(
  • 22nd Amendment is ratified

    22nd Amendment is ratified
    The 22nd amendement was making the President only being allowed to serve two 4 year terms in office. This had been done due to Franklin D. Rosevelt serving 4 terms instead of the traditional 2. He was encouraged to run again for president due to WW2 and The Great Depression. The people of america started to realize that it was not good for the country to have a president serve for so long. Eventually, congress ratified the law putting it into play in America today.(
  • Castro sparks Cuban Revolution

    Castro sparks Cuban Revolution
    Castro at the beginning of the revolution was a lawyer when Bautista had overthrown the president of Cuba. When Castro had heard of this news it had infuriated him and his misson for seven years was to take down Batista. Castro's first 2 attacks had failed and he was sent to prison for 15 years. Castro was released before serving the full time in prison. Batista did this to show his power. Castro's third and final attack made Batista flee Cuba (
  • Period: to

    Castro and brother take on Bautista and wins

    Castro and his brother began to revolt and attempt to overthrow Batista. Castro's first plan was using Guerilla Warfare to slowly break down Batista's army. Castro leads and army of 800 men and defeats Batista's army of 3,000. Batista is forced to leave the country and Castro returns home to Havana. Castro begins to accumulate power as it leads to him becoming prime minister. Castro would lead into diplomatic relations with some countries.( Castro guerilla warfare against Batista)
  • Castro becomes prime minister

    Castro becomes prime minister
    Castro became the Prime Minister after the revolution against Batista. Castro had led the army to take down Batista because of Batista overthrowing the president before him. Castro had lost battles but would later succeed in taking down Batista. Castro had replaced the more moderate Miro Cardona as the countries leader. Castro would have controversies with the U.S during his time and would lead to the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and The Cuban Missle Crisis.(Castro becomes prime minister)
  • End of diplomatic relationship with U.S

    End of diplomatic relationship with U.S
    The United States began to worry after the defeat of Batista ad Castro coming to power. The US was an ally of Cuba when Batista was in power. They were worried becuase Castro was anti- american and was making dramatic changes to Cuba. These changes were eliminating the influence of US in Cuba. When Cuba signed a treaty with the Soviet Union the relationship had came to a hault. US started training Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro. (U.S severes diplomatic relations with Cuba)
  • Bay of Pigs invasion

    Bay of Pigs invasion
    Castro had came to power after taking down Batista. Batista was pro-american and Castro put a stop to him.Castro's first plan was to make Cuba less american. Castro's next step was to create a diplomatic relationship with the Soviet Union which he did. President Kennedy used CIA Cuban exiles to try and overthrow Castro. Kennedy became worried because he thought Cubas ally the Soviet Union would think that it was an act of war. (The Bay of Pigs: Invasion)
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    The Cuban Missle Crisis was a 13 day political standoff between the U.S, Cuba, and the Soviet Union. This was happening during the Cold War between U.S ans the Soviet Union. This war almsot came to a nuclear battle between the two countries and involved Cuba. Castro had became angered by the declassification of the papers between U.S and the Soviet Union. Cuba had adopted communism which would hold U.S .The U.S and the Soviet Union would later withdraw concluding in no war. (Cuba sworn in)
  • "I Have A Dream Speech"

    "I Have A Dream Speech"
    Martin Luther king had asked his aides for what he should say for his speech the night before. Martin's aides had recommended him not to use "I Have A Dream" in his speech. The next day during his speech Martin Luther King did use "I Have A Dream" in his speech and it turned out ot be one of the greatest speeches ever. This speech lead to the signing of the Civil Rights act and changed American forever .(Martin Luther King story behind: "I Have a Dream")
  • President Johnson signs Civil Rights Act

    President Johnson signs Civil Rights Act
    The civil acts right was fought and debated by the goverment wether it should go through or not. President Kennedy had created a Civil Rights Bill which became one of the most successfull presidental campaign ever. When Kennedy was assassination his Vice President Johnson took office. Johnson would later sign the Civil Rights act changing america forever during a brutal, and not so positie itme. (Johnson signs Civil Rights Act)
  • MLK Assasinated

    MLK Assasinated
    Martin Luther king was standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel when he was struck by a bullet in the neck. Martin Luther King had been rushed to the hospital but was said dead an hour after being shot. He died at the age of 39. He had inspired the Civil Rights Act and helped america during a rough time period dramatically . James Earl Ray who had killed King was captured and sent to 99 years in prison.(Assassination of Martin Luther King)
  • Ronald Reagan Elected as 40th President

    Ronald Reagan Elected as 40th President
    Ronald Reagan began office in January. Reagan was shot by an assassin only 69 days lster after being elected and was sent to the hospital. Reagan returned to his duties as president and made america better in dramatic ways. Reagan increased the economic growth and opened more employment for the people. (www.whitehouse,gov)
  • Castro still alive

    Castro still alive
    Castro has resigned as president today after needing time off and to take a break from the political life. Castro was a secretary general of the communist party and was shown in good health ad of 2011. Castro stepped down from secretary general and his brother Raul is in charge today. (Castro resigns as secretary general)