John F. Kennedy Timeline

By Scram
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    JFK's Presidency

  • JFK Accepts Nomination

    JFK Accepts Nomination
    On this day, Kennedy offically accepted the nomination for running for president.
    -- During his speech, Kennedy claimed that the New and Fair Deals - although very helpful in their own time - could not help the country anymore
  • JFK Speaks

    JFK Speaks
    On September 16th, John F. Kennedy spoke at the Houston Minister's Confrence, on religion.
    -- during this speech, he not only spoke on his own beliefs as a Roman Catholic, but also on how he believed that everyone should have freedom of religion
  • First Televised Debate

    First Televised Debate
    The very first televised presidental debate was held on September 26th, between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.
    -- the radio listeners thought that Nixon was the better candidate, becasue they felt that he had stronger arguments and more knowledge
    -- the television viewers thought that Kennedy was the better candidate, simply because he looked good
  • Nuclear Missiles Aimed

    Nuclear Missiles Aimed
    On this day, the United States had nuclear missles aimed at Cuba, in hopes to overthrow their leader.
    -- The USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - had already placed their own nuclear weapons in Cuba, before we aimed
  • Cuba Welcomes Soviets

    Cuba Welcomes Soviets
    Although the Soviet Union had already planted it's weapons in Cuba by this time, the Cuban Leader (Fidel Catro) welcomed any of them into his country.
  • Kennedy Wins Election

    Kennedy Wins Election
    On this historical day, John F. Kennedy offically won the Presidental Race to become our 35th President.
    -- not only did this make Kennedy our youngest president elected, but also our first - and only - Roman Catholic president
    -- it was actually a very close election
    + Kennedy won by less than 120,000 votes, overall
  • JFK Agreement With the CIA

    JFK Agreement With the CIA
    Kennedy agreed to let the CIA train Cuban Exiles, officially.
    -- Cuban Exiles were people who fled the island in search of a better life somewhere else
    -- thia agreement would have never been made if the Eisenhower Administration hadn't already wanted Castro overthrown
  • the US Invades Cuba

    the US Invades Cuba
    On this day, the United States invaded Cuba, in the hopes of being able to overthrown the reigning leader, Fidel Castro.
    -- Although this mission was carefully planned, it ultimately failed when they put it into action
  • Freedom Riders Attacked

    Freedom Riders Attacked
    On May 4th, the "Freedom Riders" were attacked while going through Alabama. This caused much comotion afterwards.
    -- the Freedom Riders were a large group of Civil Rights Activists who rode interstate buses into segregated parts of the South
    + they were part of the Civil Rights Movement
  • A Man On the Moon

    A Man On the Moon
    A speech was made by John F. Kennedy in the intrest of putting a man on the moon, before Russia did.
    -- although Kennedy showed much intrest in this subject, it was unfortunately not a reality until 6 years after his assassination
  • Berlin Wall Completed

    Berlin Wall Completed
    The Berlin Wall - a wall constucted to keep all of the people fleeing communism in Berlin - was finally completed.
  • USSR Keeps America Out

    USSR Keeps America Out
    On the day that the Berlin Wall was completed, the USSR was put on guard to keep the United States out of the western part of Berlin.
  • No More Missiles In Cuba

    No More Missiles In Cuba
    on this day, Kennedy informed the people of his plan to get rid of the missiles that were still in Cuba.
    --Even though it was the Soviets who had placed the weapons there, we felt as though we were the ones who needed to take them away
  • Cuba Blocked

    Cuba Blocked
    JFK stated that he was going to put a naval block around Cuba, for extra protection, on this day.
    -- this block made the Soviets inable to enter at any part of the Cuban Island
    -- after Castro was overthrown, America backed off of Cuba - we chose then to try and protect them from the Soviet Union
  • Soviets Withdrawl Missiles

    Soviets Withdrawl Missiles
    Only 4 days after the US put up the naval blockade around Cuba, Russia informed everyone of their plan to get rid of the missiles that they had placed in Cuba.
    -- this was announced in a speech made by a Russian Leader, Khrushchev
  • Speech On Civil Rights

    Speech On Civil Rights
    On June 16th, Kennedy gave aspeech on his opinion of Civil Rights. This speech was heard by the entire nation - via radio or television.
    -- During this speech, Kennedy informed everyone that he was a strong supporter of black and white equality
  • JFK Speech in West Berlin

    JFK Speech in West Berlin
    On this day, John F. Kennedy traveled all the way to West Berlin, to talk about communism to the people.
    -- during his speech, he openly critisized communism, which led the people to think twice about how they were livng
  • No More Nuclear Testing

    No More Nuclear Testing
    Kennedy officially made a treaty, which stated that there would be a ban placed on nuclear testing in the United States. He invited the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union, also, to sign - they did.
  • A New President

    A New President
    On this fateful day, just hours after Kennedy's assassination, the government were forced to elect a new president, up until the next election time. They appointed Lyndon B. Johnson, who was Kennedy's Vice President, for the job.
  • Kennedy's Assassination

    Kennedy's Assassination
    Kennedy's assassination happened when he was driving through Dallas, TX for his Electoral Tour through the south. He was shot in the head, and it ended up killing him instantly.
    -- Kennedy was actually shot in the throat first, before the killing blow of the head shot
    -- the killer of Kennedy was never actually found, but the police charged Lee Harvey Oswald with the crime