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Fidel Castro

  • Date of birth

    Date of birth
    Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was born near Biran, Cuba, in 1926 to parents Angel Castro y Agriz and Lina Ruz Gonzales. Castro's father Angel was a very wealthy sugar plantation owner. In school Castro was very smart and eventually moved on to the University of Havana in 1945 and became interested in Cuban nationalism, anti-imperialism and socialism, focusing his energies more exclusively on politics.
  • Attempt at overthrow of Rafael Trajillo

    Attempt at overthrow of Rafael Trajillo
    In 1947 Fidel Castro flew to the Dominican Republic in an attempt to overthrow the country's dictator Rafael Trujillo.Though the revolution failed before it even could get started. The incident did not dampen Castro's passion for politics, later he traveled to Bogotá, Colombia.
  • The collapse of the Soviet Union

    The collapse of the Soviet Union
    After the collapse of the Soviet Union Cuba's economy dropped by the minute. With no cheap oil imports and no market for Cuban sugar and other goods, Cuban unemployment and inflation grew. The sudden drop in Cuba's economy resulted in the closing of more than 85% of its markets.
  • Guerrilla warfare campaign

    Guerrilla warfare campaign
    In 1955 under an amnesty deal with the Batista government. When he traveled with Raúl to Mexico.They continued to plan their revolution. In Mexico they gathered a army of Argentinians and other exiled Cubans. On December 2, 1956, Fidel Castro returned to Cuba aboard the boat Granma. With little more than 80 insurgents and a cache of weapons near the eastern city of Manzanillo Batistas troops killed most of Fidel Castro's army. But Castro,
  • 2nd part of Guerrilla warfare campaign

    Raúl, Guevara and other troops of his were able to escape into the Sierra Maestra mountain range along the island's southeastern coast. Finally in January 1959 Batista flees and heads to the Dominican republic after Fidel Castro's troops defeated Batista's forces.
  • Fidel Castro becomes prime minister part 2

  • Fidel Castro becomes prime minister

    Fidel Castro becomes prime minister
    In February 1959 a provisional government was created after the revolution, with Manuel Urrutia as president and José Miró Cardona as prime minister. This sudden surge of power gained the recognition of the United States. Castro was given the post of commander-in-chief of the military. In February 1959, Miró resigned, and Castro was named Cuba's prime minister. Meanwhile, thousands of Batista's government were tried and executed. On February 16 1959 Castro becomes prime minister of Cuba.
  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    On January 3 1961 President Dwight Eisenhower breaks diplomatic relations with Cuba. On April 17 over 1,400 Cuban exiles invaded the bay of pigs to try and end Castro's reign. This unfortunately ended with over 1,000 captured. The United States claimed they were not involved. Later it was revealed that the exiles were trained by the CIA and armed with american firearms.
  • The Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall
    The Berlin Wall was significant because it represented the end of the Soviet union's regime. The Berlin wall was also important in the history of the world because it showed how desperate the Soviet's were to keep people in to "protect" them from a capitalist culture. The Berlin Wall also showed how the United States wanted freedom for Europe while the Soviet Union wanted the east side of the wall to live under Soviet rule.
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cuban Missile Crisis
    In October of 1962 Fidel Castro and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev made a plan to place missiles 90 miles from Florida. During construction of the missile base an american plane discovered the construction. Once President Kennedy found out about the missiles he ordered for the immediate removal of the missiles and he ordered the navy to search any vessel. Eventually the Soviets agreed to remove the missiles from Cuba in exchange for the United States not to invade them.
  • Motorola invents first handheld phone

    Motorola invents first handheld phone
    Motorola's first phone the DynaTAC was important because it marked a milestone in history. The DynaTAC brought global communication to a new standard. DynaTAC was important because it made it easier to make calls without being at home. I was also important because it made it easier for people who make phone calls frequently. It also made it easier for businesses to stay in contact with their employees and clients.
  • Twin Tower bombings

    Twin Tower bombings
    September 11 2001 was important because it affected the United States. It affected the amount of power the government and the president had. It also affected the status of our police and firefighters and the other hero's of 9/11. Americans became more aware that we live in a dangerous world full of dangerous people. We also organized our intelligence infrastructure.
  • Raul Castro takes over power

    Raul Castro takes over power
    In the 1990's Fidel Castro's health condition was becoming concerning for Cuba's government. On July 31st 2006 Raul Castro temporary takes over power. Roughly after Castro gets surgery, on February 19, 2008 Fidel Castro officially gives up his presidency and hands it over to his younger brother Raul Castro due to his age and physical condition. Even after Fidel Castro gives up his position he remains first secretary of the Communist Party.
  • Death of Bin Laden

    Death of Bin Laden
    Bin Laden's death was significant because Bin Laden was a public enemy. His death brought closure to 9/11. His death also brought comfort to family's to who had lost family members to his attacks. His death also brought pride to America knowing that his reign of terror was over. It took out al-Qaida's leader.
  • Boston Marathon Bombings

    Boston Marathon Bombings
    The Boston Marathon Bombings were important because it showed how two amateurs were able to pull off a terrorist attack that involved explosives. This event is very significant because April 15th is known for bad things happening such as Abraham Lincoln being shot and the Titanic sinking.
  • orlando night club shooting

    orlando night club shooting
    The Orlando night club shooting was important because it showed how much damage weapons can do. It also showed how terrorists will do anything to show their support towards ISIS. This also showed how easily purchasable weapons such as the AR-15 can mass destructions. The orlando night club shootings also showed how the government need to put stricter gun laws on weapons that can cause mass destruction in order to stop events like this.
  • Date of Death

    Date of Death
    On November 25th 2016 Fidel Castro was announced dead on Live Cuban TV by his brother Raul Castro. In Miami and Cuba joy was spread as the news of Fidel Castro's death was released for the public. Now that Fidel Castro is dead Raul Castro will be making decisions for the country alone because even when Fidel Castro stepped down from power Fidel Castro still helped to make decisions.