Cuban Missile Crisis

  • U2 Spots Missile

    A american U2 spyplane flys over cuba and spots medium ranged Russian missles.
  • Ex-Comm

    Ex-Comm was a group of political leaders disscus the events and the pictures they saw.
  • Deadly Force

    More pictures indicate that their are long ranged missiles that can possibly destroy the U.S. and can travil about 2,200 miles
  • Quarantin

    Ex-Comm decides to quarantin cuba so that no other soviet ships can enter, but tey are careful becase they do not want to trigger a war
  • To the public

    President John Kennedy tells American people live in stations around the U.S. that missiles are in Cuba and they are able to attack the U.S. He also tells them that they set up a quarantin around Cuba and they are about to take out the missiles.
  • Ships Stop

    Khrushchev tells Soviet ship to stop about 750 miles away from border.
  • Khrushchev speeks out

    Khrushchev says that Americans do not indimidate them. Also he tells the world and accuses Kennedy of almost starting a nuclear war.
  • A bad plan

    Ex-Comm meet once agian, but this time to decide if they want to invade Cuba to take control of the missiles.
  • A deal is made

    Khrushchev decides to offer Kennedy a dea; by saying they wiil remove missiles from Cuba, only if America dosen't invade them. He also agrees to remove the missiles in Turkey.
  • Crisis is over

    Khrushchev removes the missiles from cuba and finally the crisis is over