cuban missile crisis

  • start of it all

    October 20-
    Russia -
    America – Kennedy announced he was going block off cube with a blockade.
  • day 2

    October 22-
    Russia –soviets were baffled on how Kennedy knew this
    America –America announced Cuba was installing missiles
    Cuba- announced the troops be ready for war
  • day 3

    October 23-
    Russia – told the U.S.A that the quarantine was a violation of international law
    America -
    Cuba- said that it was for defense purposes only
  • day 4

    October 24-
    Russia –sent subs to if need be blast there way though the quarantine lines
    America –set the blacked into action
  • day 5

    October 25-
    Russia – the subs racing toward the line turned back
    America -
    Cuba-missile silo building was increased
  • day 6

    October 26-
    Russia - sent a letter to America stating he will take out the missiles if he didn’t invade the island
    America -
  • day 7

    October 27-
    Russia – sent second letter saying he will take out the missiles if Kennedy removed the ones from turkey, he also said later that day that he will dismantle the silos as long as the U.S doesn’t invade Cuba
    America –Kennedy said he can’t because the surrounding countries want them there.
    Cuba- shot down U.S reconnaissance plane
  • day 8

    October 28-
    Russia -
    America – the world breathes easy today, peace is secured