Cross, Devolution Timeline

By seabass
  • Quebec

    Quebec is mostly french, so they want there own country but currently Canada has only given them autonomy. (Cultural)
  • Czechoslovakia

    after WWII czechoslovakia peacefull split into slovakia(east) and Czech Republic(west). Slovakia wants to split so they can join the EU and get more money than if it was Czechislovakia as a whole since Slovakia is poorer than the Czech Republic. (Economic)
  • Soviet Union

    The Soviet Union split after WWII because there economy was becoming stagnint so they split and the east became Russia and the west became Germany. (Economic)
  • Gemany

    the communists in the west wanted to countrol Europe and the Alies in the east wanted to keep them from takeing over. (millitary)
  • Yugoslavia

    After WW11 with no one unifed dictator to control them all the different ethnic groups fought for power. wich lead to the creation of the independent states of bosnia and herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovinia, and Serbia montinego. (Political/Cultural)