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Crank by Ellen Hopkins

  • Kristina Visits her Father

    The summer before her junior year, Kristina decides to visit her father for three weeks in Albuquerque. At this time Kristina is straight A, honors student who is innocent and harmless.
  • Kristina meets Adam

    When Kristina meets Adam in Albequerque while she's visiting her father, he introduces to the drug of Meth, or what she calls "The Monster". Once she has tried it, she's hooked and begins her downward spiral, starting with her running away.
  • Lince's Suicide

    After Kristina had been saved by Adam from being attacked, they were talking when Adam's girlfriend, Lince, noticed them together. After she saw that she then began to become depressed by the thought of Adam with another girl, so she jumped off a balcony and committed suicide. After that Adam and Kristina started a relationship together, even though Kristina couldn't help but feel guilty about Lince.
  • Kristina.. Or Bree, Comes home

    After the 3 life changing weeks in Albequerque, Kristina has to go home to her mothers house and back to reality, but Kristina is too far gone to get back to reality. She doesn't want to let go of her Albequerque and she can't. So with time she creates her own alter-ego that she calls Bree. Who is completely different than Kristina.
  • Chase and Brendan

    After Kristina goes to a water-park, she meets two new guys that she becomes friends with, mostly because they both say that they can promise her the drug she wants. But Kristina starts to get closer to Chase and eventually they start their own relationship together but not exclusively.
  • Kristina gets Raped

    Kristina goes to see Brendan, asking for more drugs. Brendan drives them both out into the woods, where they get high together, and he starts to take off her clothes. When she says no, he becomes violent, claiming that he has “waited weeks,” so she should “put up and shut up”. He then starts ripping her clothes off and takes her virginity. Afterwards, Brendan takes her home and makes her pay for the drugs, even though he had just raped her.
  • Juvenile Hall

    Kristina gets caught hitchhiking by a cop and goes to Juvenile hall, where she gets a direct connection to a Meth lab in Mexico through an inmate she becomes friends with. Once she is released from Juvenile hall, Kristina uses her mom’s Visa card to pay for the illegal drugs, and she takes her new supply to her druggie friends on “The Avenue.”, Kristina then becomes a drug dealer dedicating all of her time to the drugs.
  • Kristina is Pregnant

    Kristina discovers that she is pregnant soon after she is raped by Brendan. Kristina spends the following days going through the symptoms of drug withdrawal. Kristina hopes and she believes that Chase is the father, having had sex with Chase a couple of weeks after being raped. Although after going to Planned Parenthood, she realizes Brendan is actually the father.
  • Decisions

    Kristina begins to struggle with deciding if she should go through with the pregnancy because she “Feared the uncertainty of choosing parenthood”. Kristina decides to have an abortion, but after feeling the child moving, she decides to keep her baby.
  • The End

    The story ends with Kristina giving birth to a healthy baby boy. She also implys that she is still using drugs but is trying to stop.