Countries in trouble

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  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    Fighting for liberty in America, the King of England was the aggressor the colonies the victims of a tax, it was successful and made a new country. The people fought with great force but eventually with help from France won and formed the rights it was fighting for like speech and freedom taxation.
  • Haitian Revolution

    Haitian Revolution
    The French colony of Haiti creates a document that’s ensures their rights contrived by a philosopher, the aggressor was France, and it was semi successful since only some high ranking Haitian recieved the basic human rights, while the lower Haitians were still considered slaves.
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    Fighting for protection of property in France, the aggressor was King Louis the sixteenth, the victims as the third estate of France it was successful in overthrowing the king but later was a failure. It was bloody for everyone, and later there was a reign of terror from the rebellion who became the aggressors towards the aristocrats.
  • Sioux Ghost Revolution

    Sioux Ghost Revolution
    The Sioux resist to protect their land through dance and religious mysticism. They think their religious gods and spirits will protect them, but it fails horribly and Americans slaughter them and take the land.
  • Filipino Revolution

    Filipino Revolution
    The Philippines fail to resist the American forceful takeover. America won the land of the Philippines after the Spainish American war, but still had to fight for that land. The Filipinos resisted forcefully and eventually lost 20000 soldiers, and way more from a following disease.
  • Indian Revolt

    Indian Revolt
    India through the leadership of Gandhi drove out the English from India and it became its own nation with advancing technology eventually. They boycotted the English of their goods making the English unable to trade and sustain themselves there rather than fight with force.