Conte Di Cavour

  • Birth

    Conte Di Cavour was born on August 1st, 1810 in Turin, Piedmont
  • Travel

    Cavour travels and works with pesants while studying agriculture reform. He was appointed mayor at age 22.
  • Early Years

    Early Years
    In 1826 Conte Di Cavour became an engineer officer for the Sardinian army but soon resigned after that in 1831. Cavour decides to travel but eventually returns to Turin and creates the Risorgimento which was the Italian newspaper.
  • Revolt

    News reached Turin that Milan was in a revolt against the Australian Empire. Cavour convinced Charles Albert to join with Milan which showed high ability as a politican.
  • Selection

    Cavour had such great abilities he was choosen to be a leader of an assembly. for his frst action he made a treaty betweeen Piedmont, France, and England
  • Accomplishments

    Cavour convinced Napolean 3rd to band Australlians from Italian soil. aslso behind Cavours back Napolean and the Emperor of Austria and signed a treaty. Cavour resigned and returned in 1851.
  • Plans

    Cavour made secret contact with Garibaldi and drove Austria away from the Italian border. this was called the Bourbons from Control.
  • Prime Minister

    Prime Minister
    In 1852, Cavour was the prime minister, a position he had until death. His actions as prime minister were establishing free trade, building up the military by collecting more taxes, and made Rome the capital of Italy
  • Death

    Cavour got very sick and by the time doctors found out it was too late. Conte Di Cavour died in 1861.