Conservative Order

  • Age of "ism's" - P, S, R

    So called because of the many groups with different ideas about things.
    Nationalism, Liberalism, Conservatism.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Wanted balance of power & compensation. Also legitimacy.
  • Period: to


  • The Corn Law - Britain - E

    Taxed IMPORTED grain in Britain. Corn = grain.
  • Nationalism/nationhood - P, I/T, R, S, C

    Single most important European ideaology of 19-20c. the idea that a nation is joined by commonalities (language, customs, culture) and because of these bonds should be under the same gov't.

    Liberals were radical (not the same definition as today) Economic Goals were similiar to Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations) in wanting to abolish mercantilism.
  • Peterloo Massacre - P, C - G. Brit.

    Reform campaign meeting in St. Peter's fields. Before speeches began, troops went into the audience and killed 11 people. Many more injured. Known as Peterloo, comparing with victory at Waterloo.
  • Six Acts - P, S, - G. Brit.

    Six Acts that Parilament passed:
    1) large gatherings that were unauthorized VERBOTEN
    2) fines went up for seditious libel
    3) trials for polit. "agitators" sped up
    4) up newspaper taxes
    5) training armed groups VERBOTEN!
    6) Local officials allowed to search homes.
  • Concert of Euro/ Congress system - P

    C. of V. -> created postwar congress -> prevented one nation from making international action without consulting others. Goal was to maintain peace.
  • The Charter - P - France

    XVIII issues charter.
    -Guaranteed many rights from Dec. of Rights of Man & Cit.
    - Relig. tolerance, but R. cath. = main relig.
    - did not challenge property rights of current land owners
  • Official Nationality - Russia - P, R, I/T

    Tsar Nicholas pushed this; "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationalism."
    Russ. Orth. Church now = morality, education & intellectual life.
  • July Revolution - France - P

    Barricades in paris; 1800 die.
    Louis Philippe new king, "Kind of the French"
  • Great Reform Bill

    Bigger eng. Electorate,
    **Votes went up 50%! Rotton borough = areas with no pop.