Connor Blancato,AFRICA, and why the Europeans thought it belonged to them

  • Period: Jan 1, 1550 to


  • Jan 1, 1570

    The Portuguese begin to populate the colony of Angola

    The Portuguese had used forts for a long time, but Angola was different. The first part of Angola that was formed was the settlement of Luando. But Luando was just that, a settlement. The Europeans used forts to control the trade routes and protection, but these peopl were moving outside the forts.

    The settlement was used manly for business. This is shown by the fact that more merchants and missionaries are living in the colony then regular citizens.
  • Dutch take El Mina from the Portuguese

    Altough Portugal had an early start, other european countries quickly jumped on the AFRICA band wagon. The Dutch saw that the Portuguese fort of El Mina was very lucrative. So they took it. Europeans had often used forts control gold trade. The forts were placed on the east coast, or the gold coast. The Europeans realized it was easier to just trade with the Africans rather then go directly to the gold mines. The same was true with slaves when the market for humans became a money maker.
  • The Dutch and Their West Indie company create a colony in South Africa.

    Assuming you have read the first two, then you know that the Dutch wanted a peice of that African pie. To be fair, this Dutch colonies had its origens as a provisionary post for ships. But the fertile lands suroundings this port had doomed it to a future of platations and farms. So the Cape Colony was born. The colony was located on the today Cape of Good Hope. The native Dutch farmers would be labeled as Boers. Following the company rule of using an indigenious population to farmtheland