Congress Timeline

  • Period: to


  • First Congress

    The first Congress formed in the United States.
  • Permanent House

    Congress moved to their permanent house.
  • First War

    Congress declares war for the first time.
  • Burning

    The Capital building is burned down by the British.
  • Rebuilt

    Capital building was rebuilt.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Congress passed the Missouri Compromise - Maine became a free state, Missouri became a slave state.
  • California

    California became a free state. That compromise held the union together
  • New President

    Lincoln was elected President, South Carolina broke away from the union.
  • Civil War

    Civil War.
  • Slavery abolished

    Congress passed constitutional amendment and abolished slavery.
  • War?

    President Wilson wanted to declare war on Germany. Alliance between Congress and the President ended.
  • WWII

    US was attacked and declares war.
  • Watergate Hearings

    Watergate hearings