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Computers through the years

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    History of Computers

  • Abacus 2700-2500BC

    The abacus was the first real calculating device. It is made of wood and few metal pieces. It resembles a type of toy used by infants The abacus can calculate numbers with division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.
  • Holes in cards

    Holes in cards
    A stiff piece of paper with digital information stored on it in the form of dots or holes.
  • analytical machine

    The analytical machine was considered the first computer ever invented. It could hold more digits then any computer before 1960. It was created by Charles baggage and was a huge accomplishment.
  • PC

    The PC was built in order to crack enemy codes during WWII. It eventually became a little more available, and years later perfected with a smaller size, and operating systems.
  • Von Neumann architecture

    A design model for a stored-progran digital computer with a CPU. It also included ram and it keeps its own programmed instructions.

    The eniac was the first general-purpose computers. Some high end companies were able to afford it. It was able to be programmed in order to do specific tasks.

    The first commercial computer made in the united states by the Eckert-mauchly company.
  • high level programming laanguage

    high level computing language is a language used in programming and has big abstractions for computers.

    UNIX is one of the first operating systems. It is very powerful and many operations systems were built on it.
  • Altair

    Microcomputer that was very powerful based off the intel 8080 cpu.
  • Windows

    Windows was co-founded by Bill Gates and some of his friends. It was the first real user friendly operating system that didn’t require vigorous coding. Windows is the default os on nearly every PC.
  • Apple

    Apple was created by Steve Jobs and steve wasneiac. It was meant to be a more stable, user friendly version of a PC. Apple is now worth $750Billion.
  • First electronic spreadsheet

    The visicac was the first spreadsheet. It was a huge factor in the popularity of the Apple II computer
  • CRAY-1

    One of the first supercomputers made to process information. It was made by cray research and generated millions more in revenue then expected.
  • Macintosh

    Macintosh is the operating system most apple computers use. It has a good user interface and is debatably better then windows. The only bad thing about it, is that it is rarely upgraded (its’s old) and just going up in price. However, its still good.