By 22080
  • George dreams of the TV

    George Carey dreamed of a machine that people would use in their homes to view pictures(1-12)
  • The photophone

    The photophone
    Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison came up with the Photophone. It could transfer sound, but they wanted it to do the same with pictures at a higher quality
  • SENT!!!

    Paul Nipkow figured out how to send multiple pictures through wires
  • first television

    first television
    the first television was seen at the world fair in paris
  • "New" TV

    scientists developed new way to run TVs with cathode rays and a vacuum tube.
  • tested publically

    the first long distant television test ran between New York and D.C.
  • first TV station

    the first TV station, owned by Charles Jenkins, was W3XK.
  • first major network

    first major network
    CBS was the first major network
  • World Fair part 2

    TVs were tested at the world fair to market to the public.
  • Color

    The colored TV had been in development for many years. It was finally released to the public
  • flat screen

    flat screen
    developers at Panasonic developed and released the flat screen TV
  • hdtv

    american people switched to all-digital television viewing
  • 8K

    8K range will be available in 65, 75 and 82-inch sizes, with a massive 98-inch model set to follow.
  • pilot production

    Samsung is planning to start pilot production in the second half of 2019 in order to assess production yields
  • OLED

    Iintroduce smaller OLED TV panels in the 40-49” segment.