Computer Timeline

Timeline created by Jake01
  • The Willams Tube

    The Willams Tube
    The williams tube was the first RAM and I chose this because without RAM using computers would be very hard.
  • IBM 701

    IBM 701
    IBM shipped its first electronic computer and only nineteen were made and they were given to government agencies aircraft companys and research laboratories. I chose this because it was one of the first super computers
  • The TX-0

    The TX-0
    It was the first programble computer and was created by MIT the computer was able to show a movie, play 3-D tic-tak-toe and a maze were a mouse would run around colecting martini's. I chose this because all computers made to day are programble.
  • First Computer Game Ever

    First Computer Game Ever
    Spacewar was the first computer game ever made by Steve Russel. i chose this because ther are millions of computer games now and it was the first ever.
  • First Computer Mouse

    First Computer Mouse
    The first compueter mouse was made by Douglas Engelbart in 1964 and he patented it and it was for the use of GUI systems. I chose this because every home computer that is not a laptop uses a mouse and the mouse can be plugged into laptops too.
  • First Microprocessor

    First Microprocessor
    Intel came ou with the first ever microprocessor the intel 4004. I chose this because every computer today has a microprocessor
  • Invention of The Floppy Disk

    Invention of The Floppy Disk
    The first floppy disk was designed to move microcodes to the IBM 3330 but then a new way to store data. I chose this becasue the floppy disk was the first big step to making data portable
  • Macintosh By Apple

    Macintosh By Apple
    Apple came out with their Macintosh computer. I chose this because It was one of the first Apple computers that had a big effect because of the commercial that aried once and then a million times and gave Apple a boost.
  • Microsoft Announces Windows

    Microsoft  Announces Windows
    IN 1985 Windows came out from Microsoft. I chose this because a lot of people today use Windows as an operating system.
  • Video Toaster

    Video Toaster
    The Video Toaster was a video editing computer that was for home se but was able to be used on T.V. shows and was popular with public accses stations. I chose this because people have the power to edit videos when ever they want.