computer timeline

Timeline created by ethanbucksnort
  • The first electronic computer

    The first electronic computer
    The US military builds the first fully electronical computer, however they were rediculously expensive, big and hard to maintain, not includeing very slow compared to our standards.
  • first comercial computer

    first comercial computer
    first computer available to the corporate world, still expensive, slow, and large. Before this, computers were only used by government agencies and not by the private sector. This computer was used to process insurence data.
  • Fortran universal computing language

    Fortran universal computing language
    The Fortran Computeing Language made it possible for hobbyists to make their own programs and for them to work on other computers.
  • first functional computer game

    first functional computer game
    Only available to bulky and expensive computers, still not used by the common household. It was a primitive game where a single "spaceship" shot other "spaceships" around it. It took years of intensive work before the first prototype was used.
  • first mouse and GUI.

    first mouse and GUI.
    The "mouse" as it was called allowed computers to use graphic operating systems and made computers more interactive and easyer to use.
  • first consumer computers

    first consumer computers
    Companies began to desighn and build computers for the general public and cmputers first started to become popular in the common workplace and household.
  • apple inc. founded by Steve Wazniac and Steve Jobs

    apple inc. founded by Steve Wazniac and Steve Jobs
    The now world famouse Apple inc. is started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wasniac in silicon valley by selling a car and a calcuator and makeing a motherboard for a comuter hobbyist. Apple is now worth more money that the intire nation of Poland and revolutionized the electronics world.
  • the internet is introduced

    the internet is introduced
    The internet started as an experiment and later covered the world in a vast network of computers from around the world. The internet made computers even more popular over the years and allowed global communication to rapidly increase in speed.
  • the comador 64

    the comador 64
    The comador 64 holds the record for the best selling computer model to date. The comador 64 became the most popular computer in households and buesnesses.
  • the Ipod

    the Ipod
    The ipod strted a revolution in consumer electronics with the Ipod. Electronics and computers started to do more and more while takeing up less space.