Computer Technology Progression

  • Email

    The first form of email was invented by Raymon Samuel Tomlinson. Email is a way to send messages online, which is extremely quick compared to regular mail.
  • First Personal Computer

    First Personal Computer
    The Kenbak-1 was invented by John V. Blankenbaker. It was the first personal computer.
  • Xerox PARC Alto

    Xerox PARC Alto
    This computer was made by Xerox. It was invented in 1973 and introduced to the public in 1974. This computer dramatically changed the computer industry by inspiring the design of Lisa and Macintosh computers.
  • LaserDisc

    The LaserDisc was invented by David Gregg (in the image) and James Russell. It is an older version of the CD/DVD.
  • Worms

    A computer worm was accidentally created by John Shoch (in the image) and John Hupp, which invaded nearby computers. Note that no worms gained access to the internet until 1988.