Computer's History

  • The first compuetr

    The first compuetr
    The first freely programmable computer came into play
  • The first transistor

    The first transistor was created by Bell Telephone Company. Wasn’t a computer by itself but was a vital part of it
  • IBM

    International Business Machines (IBM) came out with their first computer machine
  • Bank computers

    Bank computers
    The first bank computers were invented. They uses MICR or magnetic ink character recognition to read checks
  • Integrated Circuit

    Integrated Circuit
    Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce invented the integrated circuit better known as the computer chip
  • Spaceware Games

    Spaceware Games
    Spacewar games invented the first computer video games.
  • Computer Mouse

    Douglas Engelbart invented the computer mouse. He called it the mouse because the cord came out the back like a tail

    The first internet was called ARPANET. The original internet wasn't used very widely because not many people had access to it.
  • Microsoft

    Bill Gates worked with Paul Allen to develop BASIC for the Altair 8800, better known as Microsoft
  • Compatible programs

    Compatible programs
    Microsoft made a program that was compatible with IBM computers. This let more people come into contact with the now well-known program
  • World Wide Web

    Tim Berners Less came up with the World Wide Web. He started a computer revolution.
  • First Laptops

    First Laptops
    The first laptop computer the Power Book 100'came out. There were other portable computers before this but they were very clunky and expensive
  • Internet Convention

    Internet Convention
    The first internet convention was held
  • SmartPhones

    Nokia introduced a phone that had internet capabilities. This started a revolution of devices that were small portable computers
  • Mac OS8

    Mac OS8
    Apple releases Mac OS 8
  • $ Sells

    One billion PCs have been sold (according to a Gartner study)
  • Skype

    Skype introduced as an inexpensive, easy-to-use way to make video and voice “phone calls” over the Internet.
  • Youtube

    YouTube incorporated, providing a way for anyone to publish videos to a potential worldwide audience.
  • IPhone

    iPhone introduced, bringing technological and competitive upheaval to the smart phone industry
  • Ipads

    iPad introduced, invigorating the tablet computer market.