Computer Pioneers

  • Charles Babbage

    Concept of a programmable computer.
    Died from a Urinary Tract infection.
  • Ada Lovelace

    Nore info about AdaFounder of Scientific Computing.
    Died of cancer at age 37.
  • Edith Clarke

    Wrote circuit analysis of A-C.
    First female electrical engineer.
  • George Stibitz

    Harry goode award winner.
    Creator of complex numbering.
  • Reynold Johnson

    Read more about data storages hereEstablished computer data storage.
    Father of the disk drive.
  • Konrad Zuse

    First programmable computer.
    Had 5 children.
  • Jean Bartik

    Original Eniac Computer Programmer.
    Graduated Highschool at age 15.
  • Adam Osborne

    Book and software publisher.
    Computer hobbyist.
  • Al Alcorn

    Play Pong Made first arcade game.
    Didnt play any games he made.
  • Anita Borg

    Computer Scientist for women.
    Born in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Alan Cooper

    Design Methodology.
    Known personally for his books.
  • James Gosling

    More info hereFather of Java programming Language.
    PHD in computer science.
  • Bill Gates

    Co-Founded Microsoft.
    Dropped out of Harvard.
  • Linus Torvalds

    Linux Kernel creation.
    9793 Asteroid named after himself.
  • Ralph Baer

    More explicit info about RalphCredited for the game consule.
    Father of video games.