computer pioneers

By bcgagey
  • Ada Lovelace

    Analyst, founder of scientific computing
    died of cancer at age 37
  • Grace Hopper

    invented first complex for computer
    served in the navy
  • konrad Zuse

    more about Konrad Zuse herefirst programmable computer
    wrote a book
    died December 18, 1995
  • Ralph Baer

    credited for game consoles of 1960's
    Father of video games
    died December 6, 2014
  • Alan Kay

    created the dyno book
    plays jazz music
  • Nolan Bushnell

    Nolan Bushnell bio herefounded computer space, uttari, developed pong
    started Chuck E Cheeses
  • Vinton cerf

    father of the internet
    chariman of icann
  • Abhay Bhushan

    author of file transfer, internet
    college at massachusetts institute of technology
  • Al Alcorn

    created first arcade video game
    didnt play video games
  • Steve Wozniak

    co founder of apple
    net worth of $150 million
  • Steve Jobs

    more about Steve Jobs herestarted the apple computer
    bought graphics group and renamed it to pixar
  • James Gosling

    more about James Gosling herecreated Java programming language
    PhD in computer science
  • Tim Berners-Lee

    inventor of world wide web
    knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004
  • bill Gates

    more about Bill Gatesco founded microsoft, dropped out of Harvard
  • Linus Torvalds

    developed linux kornel
    in 2004 most influencing person in the world