Computer in the world

By paula05
  • Before the computer's existence

    Before the computer's existence
    Before the computer, people couldn't write essays digitally or send e-mails. They used the typewriter. If they wanted to look up information, they had to use books because the Internet didn't exist.
  • The inventor of the computer

    The inventor of the computer
    The computer was created by lots of people of differnt years. Everyone helped to invent the computer of today. Some of those people are: Konrad Zuse (who invented the "Z1"), Blaise Pascal (who invented the "pascalina") or Alan Turing (who invented the "Turing Machine")
  • In 1944

    In 1944
    During the II World War, the "Colossus" were invented. They were two computers created in England to decode the German´s communications.
  • In 1951

    In 1951
    John von Neumann created the "EDVAC" (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer). It was binary and it is considered a success in the history of computer science.
  • In 1953

    In 1953
    IBM created its first computer called "IBM 650". The transistors replaced the valves. This marked the second generation of computers
  • In 1971

    In 1971
    Intel invented the first micro-processor chip, the "Intel 4004", and at the same time the first comercial processor.
  • In 1975

    In 1975
    Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded "Microsoft".
  • In 1976

    In 1976
    Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Mike Markkula and other Friends founded "Apple".
  • The computer nowadays

    The computer nowadays
    Today, the computer is a very important tool in our lives. We use it to search information faster, send e-mails, write essays, etc.
    Maybe it costs us think about life without this neccesary device.