Computer History Timeline

  • Concept of a Theoretical Computing Machine

    Concept of a Theoretical Computing Machine
    Alan Turing develops the concept of a theoretical computing machine. This is important because this is the start of the computer histroy.
  • First Complex Number Calculator

    First Complex Number Calculator
    Bell Telephone Laboratories completed this calculator. It was the first demonstartion of remote access computing. This is ignifacnt because calculators are really important in todays techology.
  • Robots and Artificial Intelegence

    Robots and Artificial Intelegence
    Norbert Wiener published "Cybernetics," a major influence on later research into artificial intelligence. This is important because robots are very helpful.
  • Election Night

    Election Night
    On election night, November 4, CBS News borrowed a UNIVAC to make a scientific prediction of the outcome of the race for the presidency between Dwight D. Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson. This is important so it can keep viewrs attached to cbs.
  • First Fully Transistorized Computer

    First Fully Transistorized Computer
    Felker and Harris program TRADIC, AT&T Bell Laboratories announced the first fully transistorized computer, TRADIC. It contained nearly 800 transistors instead of vacuum tubes. This is important because the computers are developing into greater technology!
  • First Industrial Robot

    First Industrial Robot
  • Frst Standard Metal Oxide Semiconductor Product

    Frst Standard Metal Oxide Semiconductor Product
    Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp. built the first standard metal oxide semiconductor product for data processing applications, an eight-bit arithmetic unit and accumulator. This is important because it really helps computers.
  • Computer-to-computer Communication

    Computer-to-computer Communication
    Computer-to-computer communication expanded when the Department of Defense established four nodes on the ARPANET: the University of California Santa Barbara and UCLA, SRI International, and the University of Utah. This is important because communication within computers has really advanced since then.
  • First Wrok Station

    First Wrok Station
    Researchers at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center designed the Alto — the first work station with a built-in mouse for input. The Alto stored several files simultaneously in windows, offered menus and icons, and could link to a local area network. This is important because workstations are everywhere.
  • Apple Lisa Computer

    Apple Lisa Computer
    Apple introduced its Lisa. The first personal computer with a graphical user interface, its development was central in the move to such systems for personal computers. The Lisa´s sloth and high price ($10,000) led to its ultimate failure.