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Computer History Timeline

By mcon
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    Computer History

  • Konrad Zuse invents the first fully functioning program

    Konrad Zuse invents the first fully functioning program
    Konrad Zuse is usually recognized as the person who invented the computer. In 1941 his program the Z3 (the first fully functional program in the world) became operational. I think this event in time was important because it is where the base of all the computer programs we have today began.
  • Automatic Computing Engine

    Automatic Computing Engine
    The Automatic Computing Engine or "Ace" was a program created and designed by Alan Turing. On May 10, 1950 it ran its first program. At that time it was the fastest computer in the world. Its clock speed was 1MHz. A lot of people thought of this as the first programmable digital computer.
  • Programmable Data Processors

    Programmable Data Processors
    In the 1950's Ken Olsen developed what he called the Programmable Data Processor -1 or PDP-1. The reason this invention was so significant was because on this processor he added a keyboard and mouse. Without the keyboard and mouse I don't think computers would be such a great invention. The PDP-1 at the time was priced at $120,000.
  • Floppy Disk

    Floppy Disk
    The floppy disk was produced by IBM engineers in the 1970's. The reason I think this is so important is because the floppy disk allows us to store computer data.
  • Daisy Wheel Printer

    Daisy Wheel Printer
    Diablo Systems developed the first fully functional Daisy Wheel Printer. I think this is important because now we use printers with computers for everything.
  • Portable Computer

    Portable Computer
    The Osborne computer corporation developed the what is considered "portable" computer. It weighed 24 pounds. It was about the size of a suitcase. I think this is important because portable computers and phones are a major part of technology today.
  • "Laptop"

    In 1983 the fiirst "laptop" style computer was developed. It was called the TRS-80 Model 100. It was battery powered and about the size of a large book. I think this was an important event because almost everybody today uses a laptop. I'm using one right now!
  • Computer Viruses

    Computer Viruses
    In 1988 there was about 5 known computer viruses. By 1990, there was over a thousand. I think this is an important thing in computer history because computer viruses are a big problem today. We have to constantly be aware of new viruses and ways to avoid them to keep our computers safe.
  • Computer Animation

    Computer Animation
    In 1995 Toy Story became the first computer animated movie. It was also the first movie made by Pixar. I think this event was important because it showed just how many different ways we can use computers to create things. It showed the ability of the computer at a whole new level.
  • Ipod Touch

    Ipod Touch
    In 2005 the first Ipod Touch was created. It was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. I think this was an important event because it opened up the "touch screen" type of technology. Now there is many other appliances that have become extremly popular with the touch screen.