Computer History in the 1980's

  • The Turing Test

    The Turing Test
    Year: 1951
    Invention: A standard test to answer, "Can machines think?"
    Inventor: Alan Turing
    He theorized that if a computer, on the basis of written replies to questions, could not be distinguished from a human, then it must be “thinking”.
  • OXO

    Year: 1952
    Invention: OXO, computer game
    Inventor: Alexander Douglas
    It was one of the earliest computer games to ever exist.
  • Speedcode

    Year: 1953
    Invention: Speedcode
    Inventor: John Bachus
    Sppedcode greatly reduced the time required to write a program
  • Logic Theorist

    Logic Theorist
    Year: 1955
    Invention: Logic Theorist, a program that would eventually prove 38 theorems from Whitehead and Russell’s Principia Mathematica
    Inventer:Allen Newell, Herbert A. Simon, J.C. Shaw
    This program introduced several critical concepts to artificial intelligence.
  • First Computer Scanned Image

    First Computer Scanned Image
    Year: 1957
    Invention: Digitized Image
    Inventor: Robert Kirsch
    One of the earliest applications of computers to image creation and processing