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Computer History

  • Z1

    The first programmable computer was invented by Konrad Zuse.
    (Exact date is unknown)
  • Period: to

    Computer History

    Computer history
  • Colossus

    The first electric programmable computer, the Colossus was invented by Tommy Flowers. (Exact date unknown)

    The first digital computer, the ENIAC was invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. (Exact date unknown)

    EDSAC was the first stored program computer.
  • Z4

    The first commercial computer, the Z4 was invented by Konrad Zuse.
  • 701

    The 701 was the first PC (IBM compatible) computer.
  • Whirlwind Machine

    The Whirlwind Machine was the first computer to have RAM.
  • HP 9100A

    The first mass-market PC, the HP 9100A was developed by the computer company HP. (Exact date unknown)
  • Altair 8800

    The first personal computer, invented by Ed Roberts in 1971.
    (Exact Date Unknown)
  • Apple Lisa

    Apples first computer is invented! (Exact date is unknown)
  • Apple Macintosh

    Apple Macintosh, the second computer from Apple is invented. This computer has a GUI. (Exact date unknown)
  • Apple Macintosh Portable

    The first Apple laptop was invented! (Exact date unknown)
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo is born! (Exact date is unknown)
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is born!
  • Youtube

    Youtube is born!