Computer History

  • Konrad Zuse

    Konrad Zuse
    First programmable computer. Changed the world
  • Alan Turing

    Alan Turing
    Develops the concept of a theoretical computing machine, I think everyone was shocked, and it changed the way of thinking.
  • Pilot ACE

    Pilot ACE
    Donald Watts Davies joins Alan Turing to build the fastest digital computer in England at the time, the Pilot ACE. I think everyone at this point knows that they can get way further in technology.
  • Claude Shannon

    Claude Shannon
    Claude Shannon invents the first machine that plays chess. People will start to be able to make more and more things that are on machines (games, programs)
  • NASA

    NASA is formed. This is very important because NASA is a research facility where they deiscover new things and create new things.
  • General Motors

    General Motors
    General Motors makes the first industrial robot, to work in a New Jersey factory. First robot was important because they knew one day they could start making robots more advanced and do human favors/needs, or anything they want to.
  • Word processor

    Word processor
    IBM invented the first word processor. People can start typing things, and communicating better, big step in computer history.
  • WebTV/Skype/Xbox/Paypal/Google

    From 1966 to 2005 WebTV was invented, Google was introduced, Paypal was introduced for Paypal, Bill Gates founded/invented the Xbox, and Skype was invente for the world
  • RAM

    Intel introduces the world's first available RAM ( random-access memory) chip and the first microprocessor. People will be able to start running/making software to run on computers.
  • Portable Computers

    Portable Computers
    Altair produces the first portable computer. This was a huge step, people could now not only travel round with their computers but also use emails which had been invented.