Computer History

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    Computer History

  • Zonrad Zuse

    Zonrad Zuse
    Zonrad Zuse created the first freely programmable computer. It was called the Z1. This is perhaps the largest milestone ever as it was the original and led to everything that is now and will be.
  • The Integrated Chip

    The Integrated Chip
    Jack Kilby & Robert Noyce invented the integrated chip. These are now used in literally every computer and is thus one of the biggest technological discoveries made in history.
  • First Computer Game

    First Computer Game
    This is very important because with Space War Computer Game being the first game ever on the computer an whole new industry was started along side the computer. The computer game industry strengthened the computer industry also. It was invented by Steve Russell and MIT.
  • ARPAnet

    The original internet was invented. This was the original, it is very important. Without it Safari and Internet Explorer may not have made it to where they are today yet.
  • Intel 1103 Computer Memory

    Intel 1103 Computer Memory
    This is the first dynamic RAM chip that was available. This is extremely important because it served as the base for technological advancements of RAM which is now very advanced and was then and is now extremely important.
  • Intel 4004 Computer Microprocessor

    Intel 4004 Computer Microprocessor
    This is the first microprocessor. This is a huge step in computers because back then it was ground breaking that this technology was possible.
  • Apple Lisa Computer

    Apple Lisa Computer
    The Apple Lisa Computer was a huge revolution in computers as it was the first GUI based interface. It pioneered the technology that is being used on my computer right now allowing me to see and click icons and such.
  • Windows

    Windows was released by Microsoft as competition to Apple in GUI interface. Windows became a great success (not so much the original but the evolution of it).
  • MacBook is Released

    MacBook is Released
    The original MacBook is released. While this would most likely not be called one of the top ten by most people for our school I believe it is. This is because it lead to the computers that each one of the students at our school uses.
  • Apple iPad

    Apple iPad
    The revolution in a new industry called the tablet. The tablet shows potential to be a very important and useful tool in the world. While it may not replace the computer it will definitely become a more fundamental part of the computer industry.