Colton Burpo's Trip to Heaven and Back

By Losee
  • Pop Dies

    Pop (Lawrence Edelbert Barber) is Todd Burpo's grandpa. Colton's great grandpa.
  • Todd and Sonja are married

    Colton's parents get married
  • Cassie is born

    Cassie, Colton's older sister is born
  • Miscarriage

    Sonja (Colton's mom) miscarries their second child at two months along.
  • Colton Todd Burpo is born

    Colton Todd Burpo is born
  • Todd Breaks his leg

    Todd Burpo breaks his leg in the coed sofball tournament
  • Todd Gets Kidney Stones

    Todd get kidney stones
  • Todd is Diagnosed with Hyperplasia

    Todd feels a lump in on his chest. It's diagnosed as hyperplasia (breast cancer)
  • Colton Gets Sick

    Colton complains of stomach pain. He has a high fever. The doctors diagnose it as the stomach flu.
  • Colton's Fever Breaks

    They think that Colton has gotten better.
  • Burpo Family goes to the Denver Butterfly Pavilian

    They go ther to celebrate Todds recovery from a broken leg, kidney, and breast hyperplasia. Later that night Colton begins to vomit about every hour.
  • Colton goes to the Doctor

    He goes to the doctor in Imperial, Nebraska. They ask if Colton could have appendictis because it runs in their familly. The doctor dismisses the possibility of appendicitis.
  • Colton's First Surgery

    Colton has both a ruptured appendix and an abscess.
  • Check out of Imperial hospital

    Colton's parents check Colton out of the hospital because they arn't helping them. Colton is getting worse. They take him to the hospital in North Platte, Nembraska. Dr. Timothy O'Holleran tells them it is in fact appenditis and they need to perform immediate sergury.
  • Colton is Discharged

    They are discharged. Just as they get on the elevator, Dr. O' Holleran shouts for them to come back. The blood tests showed that Colton's white blood cell count has spiked. The CT scan showed two more abscesses in Colton's abdomen.
  • Colton's Second Surgery

    The second surgery was a celiotomy to dreain the abscess. They found a total of 3 abscesses.
  • Dr. O' Holleran Tells Them Theirs Nothing Else He Can Do

    Dr. O' Holleran advices them to transfer to Denver Children's Hospital because he's done all he can. A blizzard strikes and blocks the exit of the hospital with 2 feet of snow. The congregation in Imperial gather and pray.
  • Colton Starts to Recover

    Colton starts playing like a normal kid. The CT scan shows there is no more obstruction.
  • Go Home

    The Burpo family returns to their home in Imperial.
  • Colton Starts to Talk About Heaven

    While going to South Dakota to visit family, Colton starts to tell his family about heaven. He tells the rest of his story over time.
  • Colby Burpo is Born

    Colton and Cassie's younger brother is born.
  • Colton Turns Eleven

    Colton Burpo turns eleven. He remains healthy.