Colorado Industries

By hroark
  • Fur Traders

    Fur Traders
    The first real buisness in Colorado.The goods provided are beaver fur, pelts, castor, hats, and more.The impact brought people to Colorado, It was the beginning of other industries. The reason for coming to Colorado is Colorado has lots of beavers and beavers are the most wanted animal. To do this job you need trappers, trapes, guns, and castor.
  • Agriculture

    They provided crops meat and dairy. More people became Colorado farmers because of the great supplies. Most people came to Colorado for the open land and great water for farming. You need water, land, and farmers.
  • Early Mining

    Early Mining
    It provided gold, silver, and coal.Lots of people came to colorado- enough to become a state in 1876.Most people came hear to start mining or to start a new life or start a bissnes that helps mining.To do this you need miners ,water, blacksmith, pick ax, pans ,sluice box,and tnt.
  • Sheep & Cattle

    Sheep & Cattle
    They provided beef, clothing, leather, wool, pork and lamb chops. There were so many farmers and animals because poeple came for farming. Most people came to Colorado for the farmland. Ther required food, water, grass, land, hay, and wood.
  • Transportation

    They brought people places and transported supplies. The impact was people came here because there were trains to travel faster than carriges. The reason for coming to Colorado was to ride on trains and to see the sights and to bring supplies. To do this you need coal, steel, fire, water, and workers.
  • Beer

    They provided beer and other beverages. It began to get vary dry in colorado so the herbs didint spout as well.Lots of people came hear for the fresh mountain water.You need water ,weat ,and herbs.
  • Manufactoring

    They provided meat, wood, machines, and transportation. The impact was people got manufactoring jobs in Colorado more and more. Poeple came to Colorado because manufactoring buisnesses were big in Colorado. You need energy to do this buisness.
  • Denver Mint

    Denver Mint
    It provids paper, copper, ink, and coins. Lots of people came hear to start new jobs. There was enough open space for a big bilding. You need trees, metal, and copper.
  • Tourism

    Tourism provided mountains, skiing, snowboarding, snow, CSU, sledding, canoeing, playing in the pool, and etc... Many more people came to Colorado to see the beautiful mountains and towns. Most people came here for fun activities and great places to see. You need paddles, rafts, and nice land to have fun.
  • Mining- Today

    Mining- Today
    They provided oil,coal,natural gas, gold, silver, uranium, molybdenum, and jem stones. Colorado has lots of mountains with gold so more people came .The reason for coming to Colorado is for mining, jobs for mining, and etc..To do this job you need oil, tools, and workers.