Cold War stuff

  • Stalin

    Led SU throughout WWII
    HS-pushed communism
  • Vietnam

    very populus.
    HS-vietnam war
  • Iron Curtain

    Iron Curtain
    Historic name for the line that seperated Democratic West from Communist East
    HS-Created the Nato and Warsaw Pact
  • Period: to

    The United nations

    The Worlds largest international organization that lives on today.
    HS-replaced the league of nations
  • Truman Doctrine

    US would support Greece and Turkey with economic aid
    HS-Start of the cold war
  • European Economic Community

    Chateau de la Muette in Paris, France. Part of the Marshall Plan
    HS- economic alliance
  • Berlin Airlift

    The Berlin Airlift was more that 2.3 million tons of cargo that was dropped by plain into West Berlin.
    HS-show SU that US was not backing down
  • Marshall plan

    Marshall plan
    gaurenteed economic aid to countries that agreed not to fall to communism
  • Peoples Republic of China

    The worlds most populated country.
    HS-still set up today
  • Korean War

    War that seperated south Korea (Democratic) from North Korea (Communist)
  • Ho Chi Minh

    Ho Chi Minh
    Vietname Communist Revolutionary leader
    HS-Led the Viatnamese nationalist movement for 30+ years
  • Khrshchev

    Responsible for the de-stalinization.
    HS-Didnt press the button to set of the nuclear bombs.
  • Explosion of the first hydogen bomb

    HS-Revolutionized war
  • KGB

    acted as internl seurity,inteligence, and secre police. Considered a military servive like the soviet army.
    HS- to protect the SU
  • Geneva Accords

    Conference to Unify Vietnam
    HS- Beggining of the Viatnam war
  • Sutnik

    First artficial Earth satalite
    HS-began the race for space
  • Warsaw Pact

    Alliance between comunist countries
    HS=commnist defence system
  • Suez Canal

    HS-ended britains time as a superpower
  • Berlin Wall Erected

    Seperated Communist East Germany from West Germany.
    HS- Most symbolic European peice of the Cold War
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    13 days of american horror that SU had nucs located in Cuba
    HS-Could have ruined the US
  • Period: to


  • Tet Offensive

    Viet cong and North Vietnam against South Vetnam, The US
    HS- suprise attacks
  • Russian Invasion of Afghanistan

    US aided bilions of dollars to Afghanistan
  • Helsinki accords

    Finalact of the Conference of on Security and Co-Operation in Europe
  • Iranian hostage Crisis

    52 Americans held hostage in Iran
  • Moscow Olympics

    65 countries did not show
    HS - no one came
  • Los Angelos Olympics

    Communist contries did not come
  • NATO

    System of colltive defence
    HS- US defence system
  • End of the USSR

    First big communist nation to fall
  • Peresroika and Glasnost

    Gorbachev's watchwords for the renovation of the Soviet body politic and society that he pursued
  • Mikhail Gorbachev

    First and last president of SU
    HS-Relaed communism in russia
  • Chernobyl

    Nuclear Powerplant spill in russia
    HS-Worst Nuclear Accident of all time
  • Tiananmen Square

    started with Tiananmen Square Massavre
    HS- exposed a weekness in chinas leadership
  • Berlin Wall Torn Down

    The destruction of the Berlin Wall
  • Lech Walesa and the Solidarity Movement in Poland

    President of Poland
    HS=He co-found Solidarity, the Soviets first indepent trade union
  • End of The USSR

  • Borris Yetsin

    First President of the Russian Federation
  • Period: to


    Has been reelected as Russian president