Class Assignment #1

  • Who invented the Internet?

    Not one single person invented the internet, but with the help of Belgian expert Paul Otlet, in the 1930s, a network was imagined. The first idea of an "internet". I wasn't born or even thought of so there is nothing person that I am able to put on here.
  • Ibm releases the firsr PC

    In five years my mother will have been born,
  • Steve Wazinak invents te Apple 1 computer

    My mother is a year old.
  • When did the World Wide Web become available to the general public?

    My mother graduated from high school.
  • The two creators of Google, and when it goes online.

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin My mother was getting married.
  • Yahoo! Directory goes online

    I was almost a year old.
  • YouTube is Founded

    I just moved into my mothers house from living with my father for a couple of years.
  • Amazon releases the first Kindle

    I got my first period.
  • Bing is introduced by Microsoft

    My mother just got remarried for the third time, and I was leaving middle school, to forward onto high school.