Clara Barton

  • Birth

    Clara Barton was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts.
  • Clara's Brother

    Clara's Brother
    Clara's brother, David, fell from a barn roof. She cared for his injury for two years! Clara had to drop out of school to keep him healthy when she was 11 years old. This is a picture of her at the age she cared for David.
  • Teaching

    Clara Barton began her teaching career in Oxford, Massachusetts. She was 16 years old and taught in a one roomed school house (As shown in picture). Clara was a great teacher because she didn't have harsh discipline on her students. Barton also was eager for her students to learn and she loved to use her imagination and creativity.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    Clara Barton began aid to wounded men in the Civil War. She provided the soldiers with care and made sure they got what they needed. Clara wanted supplies to be distributed in order to tend to all of the wounded soldiers. Barton was very courageous and worked extremely close to battlefields.
  • Aid to Soldier on Battlefield

    Aid to Soldier on Battlefield
    Clara Barton was providing aid to a soldier during a battle. A stray bullet nearly struck her. She was okay, but the soldier she was helping was killed. Clara cared very much for the soldiers and was willing to put her life at risk for the sake of their lives.
  • "Lady in Charge"

    "Lady in Charge"
    Clara Barton was appointed "lady in charge" of hospitals by General Benjamin Butler. She providided supplies to hospitals prior to being the lady in charge. She was daring, but responsible which is what was needed to be in charge of hospitals. She also became known as the "Angel of the Battlefield".
  • Clara Barton Moves

    Clara Barton Moves
    Clara Barton moved from Hilton Head Island to Morris Island to tend to the sick and wounded soldiers. She also moved to be closer to her brother David Barton who had been stationed at Hilton Head.
  • Missing Soldiers

    Missing Soldiers
    Clara Barton was put in charge by Abraham Lincoln to identify missing soldiers and tell their parents, family, and friends. Barton then established an office to locate lost soldiers. Clara ended up finding 22,000 lost soldiers.
  • Visit to Europe

    Visit to Europe
    Clara Barton visited Europe in hope to recover from health issues. While in Europe, she discovered the International Red Cross. Clara Barton had similar ideas of Europe's Red Cross. Barton read a book written by the founder of the Red Cross network and wanted this system in the United States.
  • War in Europe

    War in Europe
    Clara Barton provided aid to wounded soldiers in the Franco-Prussian War in Europe. Although she was not allied with the European Red Cross, she went to war zone to help anyways. She knew the needs of the soldiers. Clara wore an apron with a red cross on it to show that she was a nurse, along with the others.
  • Red Cross in America

    Red Cross in America
    Clara Barton established the American Red Cross Association in the United States. At first, in 1877, President Rutherford B. Hayes rejected the treaty because he feared an alliance would come. Eventually, in 1882, the treaty was signed and ratified. Clara Barton became the president of the association.
  • Red Cross, First Disaster

    Red Cross, First Disaster
    The American Red Cross Association had their first disaster. They began providing aid to victims during forest fires in Michigan. The fire burned through a million acres in 24 hours! 300 lives were taken and thousands were left homeless. The Red Cross shipped supplies to the 14,000 people in need of help.
  • Death

    Clara Barton died in Glen Echo, Maryland at the age of 91.