Civil War Starts

  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri applied to become a slave state but half of the state did not agree.If Missouri became a free state the balance bewteen all the slave and non-slave states would be uneven,and could end up in war.
  • Wilmot Proviso

    It specified that slavery should be prohibited in lands that might be aquired from Mexico.But instead many of the people wanted to have slavery in Calofornia and New Mexico.
  • Compromise Of 1850

    The compromise was a settlement of issues dividing congress and it's states.If that were to happen, there would be more free states that slave states.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    It was the peoples decision to choose if Kansas and Nebraska would become free states or slave states,which could end up in a bloody killings of eachother.The importance was if the become free states then the balance would be uneven bewteen the free and the slave states.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    People were fighting over the decision if Kansas should become a slave state or a free state.The decision was so important that many people were killing eachothers for their rights.Kansas passed the law to become a free state.