Civil War Events

  • Invention of the cotton gin

    The invention of the cotton gin made a huge difference in the production of cotton. It could clean 50 more cotton perday then one slave
  • Missouri compromise

  • comprimise of 1850

  • Uncle toms cabin

    This was a book writtin That told all the bad things about slavery to the whole world
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    This act said that popular soverengity would decided weather or not there would be slavery
  • Election of Lincoln

  • Dred Scott Spreme Court case

    This case said that all slave were property of their owners and nothing more
  • Lincole-Douglas Debates

  • John Browns raid on Harper's Ferry

  • Secession of South carolina

    He planned to collect weapons to start a huge slave revolt in the south.
  • Attack on Fort Sumter