Civil War

  • Ohio state

    Ohio becomes the seventeenth state and enters the Union as a free state based on the terms of the Northwest Ordinance.
  • Frederick Douglass

    In 1845 a formal slave Frederick Douglass publishes his autobiography.
  • Harriet Tubman

    It was a secret station that would take the slaves and put them some where else and get them away from there where there is no slavery.
  • the 1850 census

    The results of the 1850 census show a total population of 23,054,152 including 3,200,600 slaves or 14% of the population. Slaves are virtually non-existent in northern states and as high as 58% in South Carolina and 51% in Mississippi.
  • kansas nebraska act

    The Kansas-Nabraska came togethe and there wont a act and they was wont it to pass. They did not pass the approve of the railroas unttil 1862.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    March - Dred Scott Decision - The Supreme Court rules in Scott v. Sandford that blacks are not U.S. citizens, and slaveholders have the right to take existing slaves into free areas of the county.
  • South

    The south wount to go to war and they had to reasions that they could not go and the reason was the cause and their independence
  • Lincoln Dilemma

    Lincoln said if you send the L supplies the slavery would end and there would be no more. The S did not send the L they sent the S and they came with war amd battle
  • 60,000 people

    there was a line of missouri comp at california and they wont to know if california should be a free slave state
  • The mexion war

    We had to rethink about the war and they did not and they just went for it and they came out with the war and we won....