Civil War

By tyzilla
  • Missouri Compromise of 1820

    maine free state
    Missouri slave state
    36 30 south slavery
    36 30 north no slvaery
    both based on pop. sov.
  • Period: to

    civil war

  • slavery

    mexican war
    brought question up again on it
    southerners argues
  • compromise of 1850

    Henry clay
    CA became free state
    tought fugitive slave law
    end slave trade in D.C.
    UT. NM open for slavery based on popular soverignty
  • uncle tom's cabin

  • Kansas- Nabraska Act

    people from the state could vote for or against slavery
    wanted to join the union
    free states vs slave states cont.
  • bleeding kansas

    describe the fight between slave and free states
    many died
  • republican party formed

    free soilers
    no expasion of slavery
  • dred scott vs sanford

    nullified the missouri compromise of 1820
    property slaves can't go anywhere
  • john brown's raid on harpers ferry

    all john browns peopl capture and hanged
    not successful
    causes of the civile war
  • lincoln- dougles debate

    lincoln won
    debate expansion of slavery
    if licoln won states started to secede
  • secession of southern states

    7 states leave the union
  • Start of the Civil War

    firing on ft. sumter
    between usa and csa
    union secede
  • lincoln calls up volunteers to fight!

    a increase in troops
    led to the 1st battle ---- battle of bull run