Civil RIghts Events

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  • Black Panthers Party

    Black Panthers Party
    Huey Newton founded the Black Panther party. This was a movement that was based on violence and was seen as bad by other Civil RIghts leaders like Martin Luther King. It created two sides like the "bloods and crips". KKK vs BP
  • Interracial Marriage ( Loving v Virginia)

    Interracial Marriage  ( Loving v Virginia)
    The supreme court ruled that banning interracial marriage is unconstitutional and many states had to revise their laws. This was a breakthrough socially in the black civil rights movement becasue now they were free to be with whoever they wanted to be with.
  • Senate

    Thurgood Marshal is appointed by Johnson and becomes the first black judge on the United States Supreme Court. This was a huge accomplishment for the Civil Rights movement becasue it gave hope and recognition to black people that wanted to work hard. It showed that in some aspects things were progressing for blacks. I would like to highlight and recognize Marshall as being one of the most overlooked civil rights activist of all.He was the lead attorney for the NAACP which was a legal org.for AA.
  • Chicano Education

    Chicano Education
    in 1968 Los Angeles, hispanic students protested and performed "walk outs" in the large city. They were fighting for better learning conditions in their school districs. 13 people were arrested for attempting to disrupt the peace.
  • MLK

    MLK is shot dead while standing on a balcony outside of his hotel room. This kind of put a dent in the African American civil rights movement. He was the voice for the movement.James Earl Ray was charged with the shooting.
  • Act of 1968

    Act of 1968
    Johnson, signs the civil rights act and this means that all discrimination in sale, rental, or financing, of housing is prohibited. This was a breakthrough economically and socially for African Americans.