Cinderella- Fairy Tale

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  • Cinderella

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella. Her father had married an evil woman that treated her unfairly. Cinderella did all the chores while her step-sisters did nothing
  • The Invitation

    The Invitation
    The prince invited Cinderella's family to his beautiful ball, where he hoped to find his wife
  • List of Chores

    List of Chores
    Cinderella's stepmother made her do chores all night so she could not go to the prince's ball
  • Fairy Godmother

    Fairy Godmother
    The fairy godmother showed up and changed objects into a fine coach and beautiful clothes for her to attend the prince's ball.
  • The Prince and Cinderella

    The Prince and Cinderella
    The prince and Cinderella dance together at the ball. At this moment he begins to fall in love.
  • Midnight

    When the clock struck 12 Cinderella rushed out of the ball to get home before her family. While running out she lost one of her glass slippers.
  • The Perfect Fit

    The Perfect Fit
    The prince goes out searching for the girl he met at the ball. He used the glass slipper to make the match. When he arrived at Cinderella's house her stepmother tried to hide Cinderella and squeeze her daughter's feet into the shoe.
  • If the Shoe Fits..

    If the Shoe Fits..
    Cinderella was found and the glass slipper fit her foot. The prince knew he had found who he was looking for.
  • Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After
    The prince and Cinderella married at the castle and lived happily ever after.
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    Once Upon A Time...