Chpt 22 Age of Nation States

  • Mazzini+Garibaldi begin gurilla warfare in Italy

  • Period: to

    Chapter 22 The Age of Nation-States

  • Coup, Napoleon III gains power

  • Count Camillo Cavour becomes PM of Pidemont

  • Crimean War Begins

    Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire.
  • Piedmont sends troops to fight in Crimean War

    They send 10,000 men to gain the favor of France to help the cause of unification.
  • Nicolas I of Russia dies during Crimean War

  • Crimean War Ends

  • Assasination attempt on Napoleon III

    An Italian named Felice Orsini trys to kill Nappy 3. Napoleon decides to help Piedmont after this.
  • Piedmont mobalizes army

    Austrians see this as a threat they demand that Piedmont stands down. Piedmont claims this as an act of war.
  • France signs peace w/ Austria

    France signes a peace treaty with Austria giving Piedmont Lombardy but not Venetia which remained under Austrian influence.
  • Garibaldi lands in Sicily

    Garibaldi lands 1000 men in Sicily and later sizes control of the Kingdom of Naples.
  • Year of Division

  • Kingdom of Two Sicilys joins Italy

  • William becomes king of Prussia

  • Tsar Alexander ends sefrdom

  • Victor Emmanuel II proclaimed King of Italy

  • Bismarck becomes PM of Prussia

  • Polish Rebellion

  • Danish War

    Austria gets Holstein Prussia gets Schleswig
  • Alexander reforms justice system

  • Italy gains Venice from war w/ Austria

  • Austro-Prussian War

    Austria is defeated in the battle of Koniggratz
  • North German Confederation is formed

  • Austria becomes Austro-Hungarian Empire

  • Secons Reform act in Britian

  • Franco-Prussian War

    NGC gains Alsace-Lorraine
  • Education Act in Britian passed

  • German Empire is formed

  • Paris Commune created

  • Paris Commune destroyed

    Troops march in and kill 20,000 people
  • Ballot Act passed in Britian

  • Napoleon III dies in exile

  • Ottoman Reformers call for a Constitution

    Reformists call for a European style constitution and a European style parliament.
  • MacMahon resigns as PM from France

  • Tsar Alexander II assasinated