Chloe's Timeline!

  • Noble Order of the Knights of Labor.

    Noble Order of the Knights of Labor.
    The noble order of the knights labor was organized by the philadelphia garment workers. It was only open to famers and people called merchants and wage earners. They wanted to get equal pay for equal work and get rid of child labor.
  • How the other half lives

    How the other half lives
    This was all about tenements and how gross they were. These tenements had really bad conditions like how hot they were in the summer. People could hardly bare it. And they were really small but if you had a big familey they all had to live there too. Sometimes people would have to put there babys in dressers because there just wasnt enough space.
  • American federation of labor.

    American federation of labor.
    It was made in 1886 to try to get better working conditions and better pay. It was craft oriented. And labels on produced items.
  • Haymarket square riot.

    Haymarket square riot.
    Workers wanted only a 8 hour work day. Police had to come break up the strike it got that bad. 8 police men died and 100's of people were injured in this strike.
  • The homestead strike.

    The homestead strike.
    An industrial lockout began on june 30th. It was a battle between strikers and private security agents. It was one of the most serious in all us history. Associtaion of iron and steel workers.
  • The pullman strike.

    The pullman strike.
    This was started because the rents were really high and people just got sick of it. The people of the company made a town so the workers could rent the places off him. And the prices were high. People really didnt have any money left.
  • The coal strike

    The coal strike
    Was started from the mine workers in eastern pennsalvana. They treatened to so shut down the hole winter fuel supply for all of the major citys witch means no heat and stuff. It was the first strike that brought in the federal government.
  • The Jungle

    The Jungle
    The jungle was meat factory in chicago in the 1900's. It had really bad conditions. It was really dirty . It had leaky roofs and billions of gers. This place was filled with rats. Which means the rats could of spred stuff though the meat.
  • The bitter cry of children

    The bitter cry of children
    This story was about how kids who were really little would have to work in mine's. These kids worked really hard and got harldy any money for it. They would work in the coal breakers wich is really dangerous. Kids would always get there hands cut. Also they could get black lung from breathing in all that smoke and stuff.
  • Pure food and drug act

    Pure food and drug act
    It was a new law that made a federal inspector able to check meat products. If they did not passs they could not allow the company to sell any meat.
  • The national labor relations.

    The national labor relations.
    It was for a pro labor cause. And it wanted power to punish unfair labor. Created by nation labor relations board. Federal regulations of child labor achieved in fair labor standards act.
  • congress of industrial organization

    congress of industrial organization
    This was a part of the afl until 1935. It broke away cause it advocated organization along industrail lines rather than craft lines. Finally reintagrated into the AFL.
  • GM sit down strike.

    GM sit down strike.
    This strike was started by general motors employees. To shut down the plant of operations. They sat down so it would stop normal busness from happeneing. This went on for a year.
  • steel strike

    steel strike
    The strike was made by steelworkers.President Harry Truman nationalized american steel house before the workers left. The steel workers wanted a wage increase.
  • Major league baseball strike

    Major league baseball strike
    The baseball strike started because the baseball players wanted a raise. They didn't play for 86 games. Which were never made up. Baseball re-started when all the players agreed on a 500,000 dollar increase!
  • New york city transit strike

    New york city transit strike
    This strike was started by transport workers. They did it for a wage incraese. It was bad all around for everyone since the busses and subways were not working people were unable to go to work.