Chinese History!

By Ituck
  • Jan 1, 1010

    Chinese civilization begins! 7000 BC

    People grew rice in the Chang Jiang river, while at the Huang He the land was better suited for cereals, at the same time people grew domesticated animals such as pigs and sheep.
  • Jan 1, 1013

    China begins to advance! 3000 BC

    The Chinese begin to grow, creating tools from arrowheads to fish hooks, beginning to use potters wheels, and learning how to dig wells!
  • Jan 1, 1016

    Shang Dynasty Begins! 1500 BC

    The Shang Dynasty begins and China has begun to BOOM! The shang created the writing system, using more than 2,000 symbols to express words or ideas. Soldiers developed war chariots, powerful bows, and bronze armor, the shang also invented a calendar based on the cycles of the moon.
  • Jan 1, 1019

    Zhou Dynasty Begins! 1100 BC

    The Zhou dynasty from the western part of china takes over, and rules for longer than any other dynasty ever will! The Zhou claimed that they had been chosen by heaven to rule China, which created the idea that heaven chose China's ruler, this idea was called the mandate of heaven.
  • Jan 1, 1022

    Zhou Dynasty breaks down, Warring States period begins! 771 BC

    The Zhou political system broke down as lords began to become less honorable to their emporers, when invaders attacked in 771 many lords would not fight, as a result, the emporer was overthrown, China then broke into many kingdoms that fought each other, this time was then called the Warring States Period.
  • Jan 1, 1025

    Qin Dynasty begins! 221 BC

    the 550 year warring states period was cut to an end when a state called Qin manaed to defeat it's rivals and unify China under it's rule. The new emporer called himself Shi Huangdi (meaning First Emporer) He was a very strict ruler, but he was an effective one as well, the Qin dynasty did not last long however, as Shi Huangdi turned China into a country of basic communism. He also set up a new system of money so that everyone in China used a local currency.
  • Jan 1, 1028

    Qin Dynasty has many achievements! 208 BC

    The members of China all gather to remember the great achievements of the Qin Dynasty, where it created a system of laws to make all people equals, a new money system so that all people used a local currency, a new uniform system of writing, China's new network of roads that span all through the country, and even began to build China's Great Wall.
  • Jan 1, 1031

    The rise of the Han Dynasty! 205 BC

    After the Qin Dynasty's collapse, many groups fought for power, after years, an army leg by Liu Bang, won the emporer-ism and began the Han Dynasty, liu, a peasant, was apble to become emporer by earning people's loyalty and trust, so he was liked by both soldiers and peasants, which helped him keep control. He lowered taxes for farmers and made punishments less severe, he gave large blocks of land to his supporters.
  • Jan 1, 1034

    Wudi takes the throne and tries to change china! 140 BC

    Emporer Wudi took the throne because he wanted to create a stronger government. to do that, he took land from the lords, raised taces, and put the country's grain supply under government control, he had officially created Confucianism China's government philosophy, it emphasizes the importance of eithics and moral values such as respect for the elders.
  • Jan 1, 1037

    han Dynasty Falls, the revival of the family implemented, 220 AD

    The Han Dynasty fell and the revival of the family was Confucianism's official philosophy during that time, then even emporers began to have to respect their parents. The Han had taught that it was a woman's job to obey her husband and that children had to obey their father. Most of the time women were looked at by the old chinese proverb "raising daughters is like raising children for another family" but some women still gained power, sometimes even older widows could become the head of the fam