Chinese Cinderella

  • Father

    Adeline father remarries to Niang, a seventeen-year-old from France.
  • 4th brother was born.

    Adeline had a forth sibling but it was not her real sibling. It was her step sibling
  • 5th sister was born

    Adeline had a fitch sibling but it was not her real sibling. It was her step sibling
  • Top of the class

    Adeline tops the class in the first week of her kindergarten school.
  • Father disappered

    Adeline father disappered.
  • Niang and 4th brother

    Niang and 4th brother left home
  • NaiNai death

    Nai Nai died of a massive stroke.
  • Went to SHANGHAI

    Adeline went to Shanghai with her family. Her dad had actually been hiding there to protect himself from the Japanese.
  • New School

    Adeline went to a school in Shaghai
  • PLT

    Adeline pet duck was given to her. But PLT died as the dog of the house ate it.
  • Big sister wedding

    Adeline oldest sister got married and shifted out.
  • Adeline friend birthday party

    Adeline went to her friend's birthday party and was caught by her step mum, She was grounded.
  • Class president

    Adeline was norminated by her class to be class president. She was so chosen. Her friends were proud of her and decided to surprise her by following her and giving her presants. Niang found out that Adeline friends came over and Niang raged.
  • Boarding school in Tianjin

    Niang was so angry that her friends came over she decided to send Adeline to boarding school in Tianjin
  • Students in school

    Students in the school starts leaving the country as the comunist was taking over. At this point of time Adeline learnt that she is abandon by her parents who did not come to pick her up from the school.
  • Niang sister

    Niang sister came and picked Adeline up from school.
  • boarding school in HONG KONG

    Adeline goes to boarding school in Hong Kong.

    Adeline enterd a play wrting competiton and to her surprise she came in first. Her father took notice of her finally for the first time. Her father than grants her wish of letting her study in England. She wants to study literature but her father insits on her studying medicine. The story ends here where she goes to England to study medicine realing her dream to become a writer.