Child Development,german gines,hour 1

  • birth day

    I was born in Kansas city, Kansas on July, 23,1997

    I weighed 10-18 pounds and I was 23-27 inches in length. Also I returned a smile And responds to peak-a-boo games and reacted to sound of voice, rattle, bell also turned my head toward bright colors and lights

    I Weighed 14-23 pounds and my length was 25-30 inches also my first teeth begin to appear. Another thing is that I recognized and looked for familiar voices and sounds and responds to my own name
  • BY 12 MONTHS

    My weight was 17-27 pounds and my length was 27-32 inches I said my first word and it was da-da I also imitated adult actions such as drinking from a cup, talking on phone
  • 12 To18 MONTHS

    my weight was 17-30 pounds my height 27-35 inches I said 8-20 words you can understand I also looked at people when they talked to me. I liked to plays alone on floor with toys and could recognize myself in mirror or pictures
  • 18 TO 24 MONTHS

    I weighed 20-32 pounds and my height was 30-37 inches. I walked well I like to run, but can't always stop and turn well. Also I like to imitate my parents' actions and began to show signs of independence has a vocabulary of several hundred words, including names of toys.

    I played alongside others more than with them and acted shy around strangers I also weighed 22-38 pounds and my height was 32-40 inches i enjoyed simple stories, rhymes, and songs.

    I 75 to 80 percent of my speech is understandable I weighed 25-44 pounds and my height was 34-43 inches. I sought attention and approval of adults and accepted suggestions and follows simple directions

    I could place objects in a line from largest to smallest. also I could recognize some letters if taught, and may be able to print own name. i weighed 27-50 pounds and also my height was 37-46 inches another thing is that I enjoyed playing with other children my age.

    I invented games with simple rules, and organized other children and toys for pretend play. Also I weighed 31-57 pounds and my height was 39-48 inches. I could also understand about 13,000 words, and useed 5-8 words in a sentence

    I had a best friend and an enemy also I had a strong desire to perform well, do things right. I was skilled at using scissors and small tools and the development of my permanent teeth had started. Also i reverse printed letters (b/d) and enjoyed planning and building

    I began to see parents and authority figures as fallible human beings and I made rules, secret codes, and made-up languages. Also I enjoyed being a member of a club and I had an increased interest in competitive sports. Another thing is that I had increases body strength and hand dexterity, and improves coordination and reaction time. I had an Interested in reading fictional stories, magazines, and how-to project books. I also was very interested in discussing a future career.