Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

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  • built

    Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant were designed and built during the 1970s and1980s
  • 1st reactor

    Reactor No. 1 commissioned in 1977.
  • finished finally

    3 and 4 of the same design were completed in 1983.
  • casualties

    casualties included firefighters who attended the initial fires on the roof of the turbine building. All these were put out in a few hours, but radiation doses on the first day were estimated to range up to 20,000 millisieverts (mSv), causing 28 deaths – six of which were firemen – by the end of July 1986.
  • Plants and animals

    Plants and animals
    The accident immediately affected many plants and animals living within 30 km of the site.
  • The Disaster

    The Disaster
    The Chernobyl disaster where the reactors roof was blown off causing radiation exposure.
  • clean up

    Soviet Union were involved in the recovery and clean-up during 1986 and 1987.
  • 55 cases of thyroid cancer

     55 cases of thyroid cancer
    patients started being diagnosed with thyroid cancer possibly due to large amounts of radiation from the accident
  • Cancer Kids in 1992

    Cancer Kids in 1992
    30 kids were diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the first half of the year.
  • Chernobyl forum

    In February 2003, the IAEA established the Chernobyl Forum,
  • death

    Nineteen more subsequently died between 1987 and 2004
  • forum on thyroid cancer

    In April 2005, the reports prepared by two expert groups – "Environment", coordinated by the IAEA, and "Health", coordinated by WHO – were intensively discussed by the Forum and eventually approved by consensus. The conclusions of this 2005 Chernobyl Forum study (revised version published 2006i) are in line with earlier expert studies, notably the UNSCEAR 2000 reportj which said that "apart from this [thyroid cancer] increase
  • Period: to

    Cancer kids

    four kids were diagnosed with thyroid cancer.