Chase's timeline

By Jui
  • Birth

    when I was born
    place: Richmond
  • Dumbarton elementary

    Dumbarton elementary
    The first school i went to as a kid, it was pretty fun and met a lot of cool people that i still talk to today
  • first gaming console

    first gaming console
    i got the ps2 for my birthday when i was like 6
  • First fight

    I stayed in New York with my dad and me and my brothers had to jump this kid cause he pushed me off a swing. (I was 7 at the time)
  • first bike fall

    At the time i didn't know how to break and i hit a tree. No serious injury but i was really sore after that and just didn't want to ride for awhile
  • middle school

    Brookland middle school was probably one of the best times in school or just the weirdest since we did whatever but i still kept my grades up
  • First middle school sport

    First middle school sport
    I mostly just stayed home and didn't do much so I decided to take on wrestling and actually enjoyed it. i was actually pretty good for a first year and plan to do it in highschool.